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Let’s get started…. July 5, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Pro Baseball, Sports.

Let’s get started with a sports related post that should spark some interest…the Chicago Cubs.

Their wonderful GM Jim Hendry (I’m being totally sarcastic by the way) is quoted in the Trib as saying:

“I’m evaluating everything,” Hendry said. “When you’re having this kind of a year . . . I’m evaluating all situations. When you’re 20-plus games below .500 . . . we certainly want to give us a chance to see if we can make a run here before the break, see if we can do well the rest of the week. I’ll spend a lot of time over the break [evaluating], not just the way the [coaching] situation is, but also with our own players….” (click here for the entire article)

Sounds like Dusty and his band of merry managers/coaches is on the chopping block. A few weeks ago and even a few days ago on the Score (670AM), Hendry was backing his guy Dusty all the way. I can’t figure out Jim Hendry. I’ve never understood why so many people have put this guy on some pedestal. He’s never made any significant moves to improve the Cubs. Well I take that back…He made one good move, the Derek Lee deal which wasn’t even a deal but a no-brainer free agent signing at a time when most every other team had a first basemen with D. Lee’s stats.

Hendry has robbed the Pirates blind on at least one occasion. I think you Cub fans will remember that wonderful year of 2003 when the Cubs acquired Ramirez and Lofton in a deal for strike out king Jose Hernandez and two minor league players. Gee, that was a difficult deal to pull off when the Pirates were practically giving players away that year. I also believe he made at least one other deal with them after that.

In my opinion, Hendry is as much to blame for the Cubs woes as Dusty; maybe even more than Dusty. He signs the players Dusty gets to use everyday. Hendry was also smart enough (again more sarcasm) to rely on Prior and Wood for 60+ starts this season; when he knew coming in to spring training they would both start the season on the DL! Which left him with Zambrano (the staff ace since the 03′ season), Maddux (who’s in his 40’s), and a bunch of scrubs or rookies.

What do you Cubs fans think? Is this mess Hendry’s fault, Baker’s, or just the Organization as a whole? Can it be fixed this year? Or do you start trading players and work on next year?

Let me hear what you have to say…



1. Anonymous - July 7, 2006

At the beginning of last year I thought the Cubs should have given Prior and Wood a different deal putting them in set up or relief role. Maddux may fit well into this role as well. Their days as starters are done.

In the meantime I would have looked around for some proven veteran players starting with pitching and see what young talent was out there as well looking long term of course.

I would have taken Nomar out well before he was let go so he could rest his body and give him one more year to see if he could improve physically. There’s no doubt he is a proven player, but his body just needed some rest. His play with LA is making me ill. A .360 avg! Arrgh!

I was also quite, and still am, peeved that Alou was pretty much let go without trying to keep him. I was fine with Sosa leaving, but you don’t let go that many RBIs (200+) and not replace them. Lee was a nice add, but still.

What is past is past. The Cubs, Hendry in particular, need to understand that his lineup needs another power hitter and pitching needs to be addreesed ASAP by bringing up young players and balancing them with proven veterans.

The fans also need to start expressing their displeasure by not selling out most games so Hendry and Co. get the hint and light a fire under them.

2. j-dub - July 7, 2006

Great point on Prior and Wood. These guys (well, Wood for sure) are basically worth nothing in the marketplace. It might have been a good idea to trade Wood when he was hot as a reliever. I honestly think Maddog could pitch forever in some capacity.

I had forgotten all about the Nomar days until all this all-star talk about him. He’s quietly had an excellent year.

You make another great point about his injury situation. He was having a solid year until he tore his groin muscle. Then they rushed him back.

To me, this is a HUGE problem with the Cubs as an organization. They are terrible at managing injury situations (i.e. Nomar, Wood, Prior, and Lee). I think it’s obvious Lee has come back too soon this year, Nomar last year, and we all know the Wood and Prior situations.

Nomar was an excellent fit for this club because he hits for average. At the time they let him go (and even now), they have too many all or nothing guys. They either hit it out or strike out. Nomar was a nice mix in the lineup. Same with Alou, he was a good hit for average guy and they let him go also.

Lee had a career year last year and I don’t know if we’ll see another year with that kind of production. Even if he comes close to that production he is worth every penny. He is a great character guy and plays gold glove defense.

I like the idea of the fans having something to do with this whole thing as well. I think the fans have fed this beast the most. They give the Trib no reason to want to change the culture of club. Cubs games are just a big party nowadays. I think there has been a slight disconnect with the actual play on the field.

3. j-dub - July 12, 2006

Another quote from Jim Hendry today:

“My stance has never changed,” Hendry said. “Jim Hendry is operating under the same situation all along. There was never any comment by me that there would be a decision over the All-Star break. … Nothing has changed.”

I can’t figure this guy out. Does he even know what he’s doing or saying?

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