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Rantoul to allow electronic voting? July 10, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Local, Politics.

That’s what the Rantoul Board will be discussing Tuesday night. Here’s a snippet from Tim Mitchell’s article in the News-Gazette:

“Village Clerk Jeremy Reale has asked the board to consider a policy allowing board members to vote by telephone or by electronic means in cases of personal illness or disability, employment purposes or ‘family or other emergency situations.’ “

Here is the full story.

I’m paraphrasing here, but Reale says he’s not for or against his proposal. He wants the board to talk about it and establish a policy before a member demands to participate electronically.

Board members able to vote electronically….I don’t really care for that idea. I know Rantoul doesn’t have a lot of hot issues that get stirred up, but I think that allowing any electronic particpation at this level of government is not necessary.

Even though I don’t like the idea of electronic voting, I like the fact that they are addressing the technology issue. Most government entities are always reactive and Rantoul is making an attempt to be proactive.

Mayor Williams opposes the idea of electronic voting, and he also doesn’t want Rantoul taxpayers to “foot the bill” for the electronics. I agree with Williams on the idea of electronic voting, but not the cost involved. Nowadays the cost would be minor (still a cost, but minor) for that type of setup. Even more insignificant if they already have a decent PC at their disposal. I’m sure he was making a reactionary statement, but its something that should be pointed out.

The village already “streams” their board meetings live from the Village of Rantoul website, which happens to be one of the best community websites in the area. That setup would have been significantly more expensive than the electronics required for this proposal.

Any thoughts on electronic participation, the technology involved, and it’s costs?



1. j-dub - July 12, 2006

Well, it appears as if the Rantoul Board shot down the proposal.

Here’s the link to Mr. Mitchell’s follow-up:

Good for the Rantoul Board. I agree with their decision.

I didn’t see any other mention of cost being motivation for rejecting the proposal. They just want their board members present at the meetings.

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