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52nd Senate – Judy Myers – Republican July 11, 2006

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Judy Myers Photo
As we continue with the 52nd District, we move onto a more familiar candidate…Judy Myers. Judy is the Republican nominee for the Senate seat. She also has a great campaign website:


Here were my highlights (photo courtesy of: http://www.judymyers2006.com)

Judy Myers – Republican – “Judy was born in the rural community of Winamac, Indiana…In school, she participated in 4-H and band; in college she sought to follow in her motherís footsteps and become a public school teacher. After getting a teaching degree at Purdue, she moved to Illinois, adopting Illini “orange and blue” in addition to the “gold and black” of her alma mater. She settled in Danville and became a working mother, first as a secretary for a small machining company, then as a substitute teacher in the public schools.” (source: http://www.judymyers2006.com) – check out the rest of her personal info at her site.

I always like the background information. You can learn a lot about someone’s future by looking at their past. You also get a little bit of insight into that persons character from that same information.

Judy was elected Vermilion County Recorder in 1980. She was elected to that position a total of 5 times. “As Recorder, she streamlined the office, replacing books and ledgers with computers and digital technology. Judy’s success led to her being named President of the Illinois Association of County Clerks and Recorders.” (source: http://www.judymyers2006.com)

“In 1997, Judy took her energy to Springfield after being named 53rd District State Senator following the death of popular Senator Babe Woodyard. She served from 1997 to 2002, establishing a strong record of service as a defender of both her constituents and common-sense government. ” (source: http://www.judymyers2006.com)

A pretty long stint as recorder, which is nice, that’s quality experience. Then you add in the Senate years and she has a pretty nice resume. I do have one question…what is common sense government? I think I know what common-sense government is supposed to mean, but I’m not positive. I like the sound of it, but I’ve never known anything a government does to make sense. Maybe someone can clear that up for me…LOL.

“Following redistricting that combined much of her 53rd District with the 52nd District, in 2002 Judy lost a close Republican Senate primary to Rep. Rick Winkel. Observers noted it was a clean campaign, in which both sides avoided mudslinging and focused on the substantive issues facing district voters.” (source: http://www.judymyers2006.com)

Under the “Issues” section of her site she lists the following:

  • Debt and Borrowing
  • Higher Education
  • Classrooms
  • Jobs
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture

Click here to see her position of each of these issues.

Are there any other “issues” you’d like her to address?

Overall, a very slick website with a lot of good information. They have online forms for volunteers to sign up, a paypal link to make online donations, good search capabilities, and a promising calendar feature. The calendar didn’t appear to be fully utilized at this point. It appeared as if there weren’t any events loaded into it when I viewed the site.

A look at her filings with the SBE show the usual paperwork. I think her campaign contributors are interesting to note. She has several high dollar contributions from large Danville area business types/farmers. Here are a few of the notables: Mervis Industries ($5K), Walker Ag Group ($3K), Towne Machine ($5K), and a large transfer in the amount of $5K from Senate Republican Leader Frank Watson (Greenville area). I’m not a pro at reading all these reports, but if I’m reading this correct they show she has a ballpark figure of $60K available to her campaign as of Mid-March. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Judy appears to be a formidable opponent. I love this race for the November election. I think this is definetely the race to watch.

Please fill me in on other Judy Myers info, or personal knowledge/experience you may have that’s relevant to her campaign for senate.



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