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Bonds to be indicted? July 12, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Pro Baseball, Sports.

That’s the word I’ve been hearing. Supposedly on “perjury and tax evasion charges”.

Here’s the ESPN story:


What do you think about this? Are you happy? Upset?



1. Anonymous - July 12, 2006

Can this drag on any longer? How many years now? This is bad for baseball and should have been taken care of at the most last year.

Bonds and any other players that were involved with growth hormones or steroids should have asterisks placed next to their records. I won’t go so far as banning them like Rose becasue Selig knew what was going on and failed to act. Zero tolerance is the stance baseball should have taken a very long time ago. Because of inaction the game gets to be sullied again.

I have more thoughts on the tragic effects of what drugs and pressure have done to the game and young players, but that is another subject altogether.

2. j-dub - July 12, 2006

Yeah, haven’t the tax evasion charges been hanging around for SEVERAL years now?

I believe Bonds was/is on steroids, but I can’t make up my mind on what to do with the records yet. It’s such a wide-sweeping list who should have asterisks.

When Selig departs as Commissioner, it will be one of the best moves ever. That guy is a tool.

3. j-dub - July 12, 2006

One thing I forgot to ask/mention…how does this affect the Giant’s season?

4. Anonymous - July 12, 2006

Bonds has not been the contributer he has been in the past, but has managed to give some run support in a very limited role despite a dismal BA.

Overall, the Giants have decent batting but need to do much better to support their pitching which hasn’t been stellar, but is keeping them in the race.

If the bats don’t start to produce the bigger question is not winning the NL West (not that it would be hard to do), but getting the WC. If Bonds can get back to form he would be responsible for getting them the NL West title. Otherwise, its the WC race and an early end to the season.

5. j-dub - July 12, 2006

I’ve also heard the white sox are interested in Schmidt. I don’t know the details of a possible trade with the sox, but unless they are getting multiple pitchers in return (which would make sense with all the available pitchers the sox have) it would signify they aren’t trying to contend this year.

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