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Illinios Basketball: Indiana/Illinois Rivalry Soon to Heat Up? July 13, 2006

Posted by j-dub in College Basketball, Sports.

Well, this should stir the pot up in the Indiana/Illinois rivalry.

Read this story about the Illini’s prize recruit for the 2007 class.

Here’s a scary quote or two for us UI fans:

“Nothing about a oral commitment”, Gordon Sr. said, “is official.”…..

Now it is Illinois and Weber doing the worrying, even if Eric Gordon Sr. insisted they have no reason.

“He made his verbal commitment to Illinois and has not said otherwise,” Gordon said of his son. “[But] they have a new coaching staff at Indiana, and being a native Hoosier, we’re listening to a college coach who is saying I am very interested. We don’t have any hidden agendas.”

I always thought Sampson was overrated at Oklahoma and I never really liked the guy.

Now, I have even more reason to despise him and his nefarious recruiting practices. Not to mention the fact that he’s already had NCAA violations on his record from his Oklahoma days. At least he begins his Indiana tenure right where he left off at OU…being a slime ball.

Here’s to drubbing Indiana by about 30 this year….hopefully twice.



1. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Of course Sampson is going to tell the kid everything he wants to hear, but what is he telling him that Davis didn’t tell him? Nothing. What a way for Sampson to come into the league. Start pissing in someone’s pool.

I sincerely hope this is not some scam being run by the Gordon family to entice Webber into doing something stupid. I don’t think he will, but you never know.

With all the other highly recruited players that are now coming in I’ll bet Sampson was trying to tell Gordon that he runs the risk of decreased playing time, buuuuut if he comes to IU then he could start right away.

What gets me is that the kid is a one, maybe two, year and done player. It would be nice to get him here and encourage other blue chip players later on to follow suit.

2. j-dub - July 14, 2006

I think the Gordon family is legit in their intentions. The dad is scaring me by some of his comments, but overall I’m not worried about it.

You’re right. Illinois definetely needs to be able to land the Blue Chip players. We’ve always been able to get “good” players, but not “great” players. Obviously we’ve had a good run with our group the last 2 years, but you have to be able to maintain that.

I believe Thad Matta and OSU have a top 5 recruiting class this year, with the best recruit in the country (Odem, I think). The conference is really starting to fill up with coaches who can recruit so you don’t want to lose a big fish like Gordon to a rival.

I just hope Samson gets busted for something at IU that gets him in more trouble. He’s obviously got no class or respect as a coach and that’s sad.

3. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Excellent points. I do hope the Gordon family is on the level, and I agree with your evaluation of Samson. The man is in dire need of an ethics course or two.

I have watched the Illini play since the days of Derek Harper and have bemoaned the fact that Illinois has always had good teams, but we could never get the one or two players that would put Illinois over the hump. If Illinois can sign Gordon I sincerely hope it is the continuation of the program going to the next level and regularly competing for Final Four honors and a National title. The last two years have been phenomenal and I really do hope it doesn’t fade away.

The Big 10 is up and coming and we should start being on the winning side of those ACC/Big 10 challenges. Those have really irked me at times and with the sports media frequently crowning the ACC as the end all be all of conferences I would like to see a shift in that perception.

4. j-dub - July 14, 2006

Yeah, the sports media definetely loves the ACC. They need to get Dick Vitale an “I LOVE DUKE” t-shirt for every game that he does. Because no matter if Duke is actually playing in the game, he’s talking about them nonstop.

It’s the same way with the Big Ten in football. They always want to give the Big 12 all the props. They always fail to get the point. The Big Ten is the deepest conference almost every season. We might not have the greatest 1 team, but from top to bottom it’s a no-brainer.

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