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52nd Senate – Mike Frerichs – Democrat July 17, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Local, Politics.

Here’s the final stop on our 52nd Senate Tour…Mike Frerichs.Mike Frerichs

Mike is the Democrat nominee for the Senate seat. You can visit Mike’s campaign website at the following web address:


Here’s the scoop on Mr. Frerichs – all information (and the photo) taken from his campaign website unless otherwise noted:

“Mike’s values were shaped in the East Central Illinois farming community of Gifford (pop. 800), where he was born and raised. The son of a truck driver and stay-at-home mother, he was the first member of his family to attend college. He worked his way through Yale University while competing for four years on the varsity crew. Upon graduating, Mike studied Chinese and taught English in Taiwan.”

“After completing a year-long fellowship in public affairs with the Coro Foundation, Mike returned home to serve the people of Champaign County. In addition to his time on the County Board and as Auditor, Mike serves on the local volunteer fire department, on the board of a local non-profit Nursing Home, and is a member of the Urbana Rotary Club…Mike Frerichs has been the Champaign County Auditor since 2002 where he has established a reputation as a watchdog over County spending and been awarded for his financial reporting. Before serving as County Auditor, Mike was twice elected to the County Board where he fought against wasteful spending and was recognized for his independence.”

Well, you can visit his website to read the rest of the bio information. Basically, Mr. Frerichs is still pretty young (I’m not exactly sure what his age is) and has held a few different offices already. This will be a fairly big step up in his political career. However, he does have a pretty impressive resume so far, and judging by his previous record of service he seems ready to handle the challenge.

Under the “Issues” section of the website we have the following:

  • Education Funding
  • Health Care
  • Jobs
  • Higher Education
  • Agriculture
  • Budget
  • Pensions
  • Energy and Gas Prices

Click here to see his position on each of these issues.

These are basically the exact same issues as Mrs. Myers has listed on her website. The two differences being Pensions and Energy and Gas Prices are listed on Mike’s website and not on Judy’s. These are two fairly hot topics currently and it’s interesting to note this quote: “I have proposed a plan to cap the state gasoline tax when gas goes above $2.50 a gallon.”

Are there any other issues you would like to see listed?

Mike’s website is created with the “Orange and Blue” theme throughout, has a web form for those wishing to sign-up and volunteer, a photos section, endorsements section, and the rest of the typical stuff (issues, contact info, etc). The photos section is nice to have (Judy’s site also has a gallery section). I like being able to see the various photos taken from events in the area and recognizing the candidate with the people and places of our area. Mr. Frerichs has several pictures of himself with Mr. Obama in there as well. He also has the district map available for viewing on the website (not shown on Judy’s site).

There are a few things missing from the site that would be helpful. A search capability would definetely be nice to have and is currently missing. I also like the calendar feature on Judy’s site. Just a simple calendar of events page would/should be out there for people to know when and what is going on with respect to the candidate. There is not a calendar/events page on his site at this time.

As far as SBE information goes, it’s once again the usual paperwork (so far as my non-expert eye can tell) listed on the SBE website. As of mid-March, Mike has approx. $27,000 available to his campaign which is a huge disparity from Judy’s $60,000 at the same point in the race. Big money contributors so far: John Goldstein ($2K), Mehdi Mahmud ($2K), Associated Fire Fighters of IL PAC ($2.5K), there were also contributions of $1K each from an Ironworkers, Laborers, and Carpenter’s Local. It also looks like Mr. Frerichs dumped about $4K of his own money into his funds in early Feb. of this year. It will be interesting to see if money plays a factor in the race; especially one that figures to be close. Once again, if I messed any of this SBE stuff up, please let me know so I can fix it.

Overall, another very formidable candidate for the Senate seat. The near future will bring us a review post highlighting the highlights of each candidate. A sort of “tale of the tape” if you will.

If you would like to review the other posts on the other candidates you may do so here:

Judy Myers

Joe Parnarauskis

Please fill me in on other pertinent info, your thoughts so far, etc.



1. Kathy May - October 19, 2006

What is Mike Frerichs position on abortion?

2. j-dub - October 20, 2006

Well, from what I’ve read/heard; he’s been all over the map on abortion.

However, I don’t personally know the truth on his position and my advice to you would be to ask him directly; if possible.

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