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Saturday Housekeeping – Comments July 22, 2006

Posted by j-dub in General.

Well, since I’ve switched to this wordpress format, I’ve had no comments posted yet. I’m not sure if the format is confusing or if people just can’t see the “add a comments” link.

Wait a second….maybe it’s because my readership is 3 people; me, myself, and I. 🙂

Seriously, if you want to leave comments; PLEASE do so. I would love feedback on any of my topics. I get really tired of talking to myself.

To add a comment, you can do it two ways.

  1. Click the “add a comment” link which is right under the post title (i.e. “Housekeeping” in the post title for this post).
  2. You can click the post title (i.e. “Housekeeping” in the post title for this post), and from there scroll down to the comments/add message section which is at the bottom of the post/page.

No matter which way you choose to comment here’s what happens next:

It will ask you for Name, URL, Email, and Comment/Message. You ONLY have to put something in the message field for your comments/message it to show up. If you want to put in a name (your real name, a nickname, call-sign (viper, goose, maverick, etc)), you can do so. The name can be helpful for those times when multiple people get involved in a coversation (that way there aren’t 10 anonymous posters to decipher). All the other information is OPTIONAL. If you have a URL and want to put it in; put it in. The same goes for email.

For other worpress.com users, if you login under your wordpress.com login it should only prompt you for your message.

Please feel free to remain anonymous if you like. That is part of the fun with blogs, there are no preconceived notions.



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