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Site Feeds July 24, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Technology.

If any of my OUSTANDING readers are looking for an easier way to keep up with this blog; try using a feed aggregator (often called a feed reader) such as: Pluck, Thunderbird, Google Reader, NewsGator, etc.

A feed, in non-technical terms, is a very lightweight and compact version of the text/images/etc that you would normally read in a post on a blog, website, etc. This lightweight version usually cuts out all the extra webpage coding and other business you would normally see. The feed is basically just text and images and that’s it.

You can use a feed aggregator (often called a feed reader) program and setup links to your desired feeds. There a free feed readers out there and they are usually easy to setup.

Feeds are usually listed somewhere on the blog or website in plain view and might say subscribe or syndicate. Once you have setup links to a feed, everytime new information is posted to the blog or site you link to it automatically gets sent to your feed reader where you can view it.

Basically, if you read multiple blogs/sites every day it makes life much easier and you don’t have to keep returning to websites over and over again. This saves a lot of time and you can easily keep up with your information, and you’ll always know when new info is available because your program will tell you automatically.

Personally, I use Mozilla’s Thunderbird application. It’s an email client and has an RSS reader built-in. It’s pretty sweet, because I can check my mail and my blogs/news in the same application. Here’s a post I did on the Mozilla Project and it talks a little bit about Thunderbird.

I’ve tried Pluck and it also works very nicely.

Let me know if any of you are picking up my feed(s) (listed in the sidebar to the right) and how it’s working. I have two feeds, one is a standard feed for my posts and the other is for comments made to the site. Also, please chime in with other feed reader programs not listed above.



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