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Those Funny Congressman… July 25, 2006

Posted by j-dub in National, Politics.

Check out this story

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good joke and I’m all for politicians being normal and not the stiff, rigormortis types we often get these days.

However, I have to say this is not humor:

A bemused Wexler looked into the camera and said, “I enjoy cocaine because it’s a fun thing to do.”

Or this:

A follow-up in the complete-the-sentence questioning led to this comment: “I enjoy the company of prostitutes for the following reasons … because it’s a fun thing to do. If you combine the two together, it’s probably even more fun.”

Evidently, Democratic Rep. Robert Wexler of Florida, thought it would be funny to do this skit on Stephen Colbert’s Comedy Central Show. Colbert asked Wexler to say a few things that would “really lose the election for you if you were contested.”

Wexler eventually said his teenage children thought this of his performance:

“They thought I was foolish.”

Well, I guess it’s a good thing he’s uncontested this fall. And seriously, it wasn’t even funny.



1. Anonymous - July 25, 2006

Wexler’s staff are watchers of the show, but he wasn’t and was reluctant to go on the show. His staff won out and as a result we have a guy who simply did not go with the flow of the show. His staff probably should have had him watch a few airings before he got on just to get a feel for Colbert.

2. j-dub - July 25, 2006

Yep, I agree they should have prepped him much better than they did. What I don’t understand is why the guy didn’t find another funny route to take. I mean why drugs and prostitutes? I mean he could have made jokes about the Cubs and been funny.

3. Dave - July 27, 2006

I have to ask, did you even watch the show?

Colbert asks for a fill in the blank, and prompts Wexler with “I enjoy cocaine because…”
Wexler looks confused, and finally says “because it’s a fun thing to do.”

Colbert then says “Wow, that would lose you the election. Let’s try another one: I enjoy the company of prostitutes because…”
Wexler again says “because it’s a fun thing to do,” and then continues to actually make a joke “If you put those two together, it would be even more fun.”

So no, he couldn’t make a joke about the Cubs, j-dub.

And Anon, I think he fared better than some of the other people who have been interviewed by Colbert, including our esteemed Governor Blagojevich

4. Dave - July 27, 2006

For reference, here’s a YouTube link to the interview:

Starts around 4:09 for the “would really lose the election for you”.

5. j-dub - July 27, 2006


I’ve never watched the show, but after reading the story, I knew the situation.

My point is this. He could have chosen a better way to be funny. I’m not saying he had an opportunity in that element to make a cubs joke.

However, he should have made a better selection of comedic opportunity. Anything on Comedy Central is probably going to be pushing it. But, at least he didn’t go on the Chappelle Show….

I’ve heard Blago on sports radio and he was good just talking sports, but I wouldn’t picture him as a funny guy.

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