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Indiana Sniper July 26, 2006

Posted by j-dub in News - National.

This was really starting to freak me out…I’m glad they have their guy.

I just get chills thinking about this type of stuff. The kid doesn’t have any motive (at least not yet) and he’s only 17. It sounds as if an “acquintance” clued the police in and then they made the arrest and found the suspected weapon.
My question is when will the Central Illinois Sniper emerge? Seriously, it’s only a matter of time before somebody in our area flips their wig and we have the same situation on our hands. This was close enough for me. According to Yahoo maps, these shootings happened less than 3 hrs from here in Seymour, Indiana.

The bad part about something like this happening in our area is the terrain. I mean you can shoot for a pretty long ways in this area. You also have significant cover with all the surrounding wooded areas. And it’s not like the interstates are heavily watched by police. The state police have a lot of ground to cover and they can’t always be there.

Every year it’s a new sniper case somewhere in the U.S.. The most prominent being the D.C. area sniper back in 2002.

This is obviously an issue that law enforcement agencies around the country need to address. Just wait until someone extremely intelligent decides to pull a stunt like this. I remember when the D.C. sniper thing was occuring; it was a major problem and caused a lot of panic in the D.C. area.

I’m not sure what else law enforcement could do in such a situation, other than train to handle a similar situation when/if it ever arrives. I sure hope, for our sake, the Illinois State Police are prepared.



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