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Ryan Katcher’s Body Found at Kickapoo July 26, 2006

Posted by j-dub in News - Local.

Well, the first true lead into this story comes 5 and a half years later. The authorities, who were testing new equipment, found his truck (his body inside) in Clear Lake at Kickapoo State Park.

I can only report absolute shock when I heard the news. I’m just baffled by the whole thing really. I’m also extremely relieved for the family and Oakwood area residents. If you were around the area (as I was) when this happened, you would know the magnitude at which this affected people locally.

I didn’t personally know Ryan, but I do know people from that area and I know how this strange sequence of events has always puzzled and saddened everyone involved.

I thank the local authorities who have hopefully put an end to the story by finding Ryan.

Here are some links to all the local stories that I could find:

WCIA Channel 3:


The News-Gazette:


The Commercial-News:




Find Ryan Website:


I’ll post some more of my opinions/thoughts later this evening. Feel free to pass along any info, thoughts, etc.



1. j-dub - July 27, 2006

Autopsy results to be released later today.

2. Anonymous - July 27, 2006

The say the coroner’s investigation revealed no foul play whatsoever, and drowning was the cause of death. The big mystery is how did the truck get into the pond and why did Ryan not make it out? Suicide? Drunk? Its not imperative that every detail be addressed, and the police don’t seem to be inclined to do anymore than close this sad chapter. We may never know, and its sad a life ends in such a way. I’m glad the family finally has closure.

3. j-dub - July 27, 2006

I agree. I think the closure is so huge for the family. Also, very big for the community over there. A lot of people put immense effort into his search and are also sad, yet relieved.

I think the overwhelming rumor is that alcohol is somehow involved. Obviously we probably won’t ever know. I think this story has become so personal to those involved that even if they discovered something to that affect, they wouldn’t publicly release it for the family’s sake.

4. j-dub - July 27, 2006

Here’s the News-Gazette link with the autopsy results:


5. j-dub - July 27, 2006

The toxicology could not be completed due to the time that had elapsed since his disappearance. Which means the end to this story.

This story is officially closed, and thankfully so for all those connected to Ryan Katcher. May he rest in peace.

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