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Cha-Ching! August 1, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Local, Politics.

Here’s an update on the campaign disclosure from the 52nd Senate District (Approx. Values):

Frerichs: $113K and some change left available
Myers: $65K and some change left available

Frerichs had $25K, received another $101K, spent $14K
Myers had $64K, received another $61K, spent $60K

Whoa, that’s a lot of dough!

Oops, I almost forgot to mention that Joe Parnarauskis has $158.25 in the bank.

I mean seriously, what’s up with that? How can anyone take you seriously if that’s your idea of effort, not that most people will ever know, but seriously. Now I see where the claims of “he’s just trying to get on the ballot and take away democratic votes” come from. He’s obviously not legit and I would probably say the same things if I thought the guy would steal ANY of my votes in what will probably be a close race. If he’s running a legit campaign, that’s one thing, but when you’re just trying to get your name on the ballot (which is what it appears); that’s pretty sad.

Anyways, it’s interesting to note that Judy has already spent 4 times what Frerichs has to this point. I’m wondering if that’s due to her later entry into the race (catching-up), just early preparedness for the stretch run, or some other factor (good or bad). Frerichs meanwhile has almost double the money left for the stretch run, in what figures to be a close race.

Frerich’s contributions come from a lot of carpenters, bricklayers, pipefitters unions, firefighters, etc. I’m surprised so many of those types of unions supply money to a democratic candidate. I would consider their contingency to be mostly republican voters, but I’m just guessing on that. He also has his share of contributions from other current democratic senators; which I’m assuming is quite normal for most of these congressional races.

Judy also had her fair share of money from bankers, realtors, general contractors PAC, home builders PEC, farmers, and Rep. Senators, etc. Sounds pretty similar to Frerichs, and pretty much what you would expect from the respective parties.

I probably should have done this first, but I must thank Gordy over at Illinipundit for refreshing my memory on the new filings. There’s a post over there mentioning the campaign disclosure also, and this post of mine was actually spawned by the vague and partisan comments of one anonymous poster at IP that said:

It appears $75,000 of the $85,000 Mike raised was from unions and Democratic lawmakers. Hmmm…..

It might be true about Frerichs contributions (which it is), but looking at Mrs. Myers contributions you’ll see very similar activity. She has approx. $12K of in-kind contributions from the Rep. State Senate Committee and at least another $10K from other Rep. State Senators. Her other contributions come from Bankers, Realtors, farmers, contractors PAC, home builders PEC, etc.

I guess my problem over at IP is the simple fact that there are so many “one-siders” who throw out bits of vague or inaccurate information just to try and prove their partisan opinions correct. I know this happens on both sides, but since a majority of their audience (and authors), are obviously staunch Republican, it’s pretty hard to get middle of the road information over there.

That said, it’s still good political conversation at IP, you just have to wade through the partisan waters (of both extremes).

But, it isn’t all bad, because that’s one of the biggest reasons I started my own blog. 😉

Now, I can get as much non-partisan information to voters and maybe educate some of us out there who are trying to pick the best candidates no matter which party they come from.

I might have to start a crusade for a statewide or nationwide Green party to give me another option….



1. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

If you want to get a big picture idea of the money involved in elections, such as Labor, go to http://www.opensecrets.org. They have a wealth of information concerning contributions and which parties they go to as well as a breakdown of sources of those funds as well as PACs. They go into a lot of detail, but not down to the state legislature level. A lot of good information there including some that will make you go hmmmmm. It was interesting to see that Gill is closer to Johnson than I would have thought as far as money raised is concerned at this point.

2. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

Also, you are probably right on Joe P. I had believed as soon as he entered into the race that he would siphon some votes from the Dems and they should be concerned. Since his issues were more national in nature there are extreme liberal groups who would respond to that kind of campaign and send a few votes his way. It may be enough to tip the scales for Myers which, I agree, will be a close race.

3. j-dub - August 1, 2006

Yeah, I think Johnson better watch his back. His sleepy-eyed campaigns could get him into trouble. I think if he gets a charismatic opponent with SOME appeal, it will be a close vote.

And to throw out some conspiracy theories: Does Joe Pa get asked to run by let’s say another party? Or does the SEP really think they have a legitimate shot? Maybe they are attempting to sabotage the Dems campaign from the start, just for spite?

All conspiracy, but you never know these days….

4. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

Interesting. But why not give Joe a few grand to really make some noise though? I don’t know many people who would get out in public and advocate a neo-communist campaign just for the heck of it, and open themselves to ridicule.

The Greens know they won’t get many votes, but hope to get their message out in order to get the odd person elected. Joe may be thinking along the same lines, but why run a campaign on what is literally a shoestring budget?

5. j-dub - August 1, 2006

Yeah, but money is traceable. They wouldn’t have to actually support the candidate, just get them on the ticket to siphon a few votes away from your competition.

Honestly, I think the Greens are legit. Their essentially still in infancy as a party goes, but I think they’re on the right track. They have ideals, and they follow the correct protocols with regards to elections. It’s just a matter of time before they begin to hold office with regularity in this area.

Joe Pa, IMHO, is a ploy to either, siphon votes from the Dems or draw attention to the party, and nothing else. I could see an SEP candidate in a national race where maybe their ideals could garner votes, but Senate; that’s a joke. There are too many other “local” issues they don’t even contend with to make a legit run. Especially after seeing the lack of funding.

6. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

True, but before he declared his candidacy or began a petition to get on the ballot he could have recieved a small cash payment that could be explained away if anyone were to bother to look or even ask the question if one wanted to suggest a conspiracy. 🙂

Insofar as his candidacy is concerned he may be going for name recognition only for a better run next time. If he has any hope of becoming a player he may want to moderate his position a tad since its current appeal is very narrow.

7. SEP supporter - August 14, 2006

J-dub, I can assure you that the SEP is a legitimate party and is not under the employ of the Republicans or any other party. The SEP is the political wing of the ICFI, an international Trotskyist organization that has been around for about fifty years. They are very serious about their campaign, as you could find out by reading the relevant articles posted on the World Socialist Web Site.

You ask, “does the SEP really think they have a legitimate shot?”, thereby implying that voters shouldn’t waste their time supporting any third party, from the left or right, that is challenging the corrupt two party system. Voting shouldn’t be treated cynically as some sort of numbers game at a casino. Don’t confuse an election race with a horse race. A little more seriousness is in order.

Why are you so awed with wealth? You denounce the SEP campaign due to its lack funds, as though a party’s platform were an insignificant matter. There are very obvious reasons why the SEP campaign doesn’t have the kind of funds that would impress you. First and foremost, the SEP is an explicitely and unalterably anti-capitalist party. It follows, then, that corporations and the ruling class are not going to open up their wallets to support the SEP’s campaign the way they gleefully pump money into the Democratic and Republican parties. Secondly, whatever money the SEP had has gone to legally defending themselves against the baseless, bad faith challenges lodged by paid stooges of the Democratic Party.

And what’s this talk about “stealing” Democratic votes? The Democratic Party doesn’t have an inalienable right to receive votes from the public; votes have to be earned!

These “local issues” that you’re preoccupied with cannot be dealt with in a strictly local manner. Illinois is not an island. If you think that the trillions of dollars being spent by the Bush regime on criminal and immoral wars of agression doesn’t have a direct material impact on all the states in the Union, then you need to do some more thinking.

Whether you’re comfortable with it or not, there are broad layers of the American public who are fed up with both mainstream corporate parties and want a socially viable, sane , and humane alternative.

Public education, health care for all regardless of a person’s income, the abolishment of the Patiot Act, an answer to poverty other than the building of more jails – none of these things can be achieved within the framework of the economic system that the two parties you’re attached to insist on defending.

8. j-dub - August 14, 2006


“….A little more seriousness is in order.”

I’m serious, I just don’t know if your candidate for the 52nd is. Numbers don’t make the candidate, but at this point, his completely non-existent campaign has been even worse than JBT. How many events, parades, or anything else of public nature has he done? I mean, he’s been a ghost of a candidate and it’s no wonder people don’t take him seriously. I would love nothing more than a 3rd option at the polls (I’m a non-partisan voter), and I think it’s good for the people. I just want a SERIOUS third option.

“Why are you so awed with wealth?”

I’m not in awe of $100-150K of campaign money. I might be in awe of some of the presedential campaigns, but not this one. Money is what it is. How do you pay for fliers, mailings, ads, etc? Money. I’m sorry, but you would be naive to think a word-of-mouth campaign is going to win all by itself. Just as I would be naive to think that the wealthiest candidate is the best or is guaranteed to win. This is public information that I find interesting and can be somewhat telling of candidates (when you look at whom they receive contributions from, etc).

The reference to “stealing” votes is something I’ve heard talked about by others and is not my belief but something a lot of people (mostly Dems) are saying. I merely stated, if I were a candidate I might feel the same way about the guy just getting a name on the ballot to siphon votes away. You are correct, votes need to be earned.

“These “local issues” that you’re preoccupied with….”

Yes, it would help if we weren’t spending trillions on a war. However, to insist that our locally elected officials can’t do other things to help is absurd. The President doesn’t dictate every aspect of life at the local level. He may play a part, but my local reps, CB members, etc, do their share also.

“within the framework of the economic system that the two parties you’re attached to insist on defending.”

I never defended the two parties. Merely presented public information and offered my opinions. I pointed out details of each candidate, and unfortunately the SEP candidate didn’t have much to look at.

Here’s a link to a previous post I did exclusively on Joe P.

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