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Offshore Drilling August 3, 2006

Posted by j-dub in National, Politics.

This was a hot topic on the web yesterday and today.

Personally, I like the US being less dependent on the middle east for oil. I like that, I really do.

I also cringe when I see the possibility of oil rigs being 50 miles from the coast. Not to mention the fact of the powerful hurricanes that pound these areas each season.

I can be okay with this opening of the seas to more drilling, but I worry about the ecological effects. Take the New Orleans area as an example. They were clearly not prepared when Katrina hit for a variety of reasons. One reason being they let their natural ecological defenses fade away, (read this article for the details) and they paid the price for it. Hopefully we are cautious and mindfull of the destruction that can be caused with respect to the environment, and with respect to those who live in coastal areas, when we undertake these new drilling opportunities.

NOTE: National Geographic has several great articles on the New Orleans area and the pitfalls that were abound before Katrina. A lot of them were wrote a year or so before Katrina, which is pretty scary. It’s almost like they knew it was coming.



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