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Da 2006-2007 Bears August 4, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Pro Football, Sports.

Training camps are in session, so you know what that means. Yep, it’s time to talk football.

The Bears are an interesting story for the upcoming season. Their defense is stacked with pro-bowlers and the Bears will easily be a top 3 team on defense in the NFC this year.

The questions for the Bears are on the other side of the ball. Offense, Offense, Offense. Last year, the Bears had none, none, none. Of course, that was with Kyle Horton at the helm and not Rex Grossman. Grossman is obviously the most talented option the Bears have at QB (even with Brian Griese as a backup), but Rex does have that gunslinger/Brett Favresque mentality. I don’t like that mentality for a Bears team that wins on defense. You need a QB who can manage the game, yet make the plays when it matters, ala Ben Roethlisberger.

Over at ESPN, they have a great article on the Bears.

Personally, I don’t like Muhammed, and he’s the only viable reciever they have. Not to mention the fact that they have ZERO talent at tight end. I really think their style would benefit greatly from a well-rounded TE (which I think they should have drafted this year). I think even if Grossman stays healthy they will only win 10 games this year (10-6, down one from last year), just by the looks of their schedule. Not a tough schedule, but I think of the following games: NE, Arizona, Seattle, NY Giants, Miami, and Tampa Bay there are 4 losses maybe 5 depending on how Miami and Arizona pan out. And, I just don’t see them sweeping all their division opponents either.

All that said, they’ll still get in the playoffs by winning the division. I think they make it to the NFC title game and then lose to their opponent (Panthers, Cowboys, or Giants). They’re a TO caliber receiver away from being a Super Bowl contender.

Here are my questions/concerns:

  1. Can Grossman stay healthy? Or is this guy the Kerry Wood of Chicago football?
  2. Does Rex Grossman’s style of play hurt the Bears?
  3. Do they have enough talent around Grossman, specifically wide-reciever and tightend, to make the passing game a weapon?
  4. Will the Cedric Benson/Thomas Jones situation hurt the team’s chances?
  5. Or do the Bears have the ultimate jinx, Ron Turner, keeping them from the promiseland?
  6. In your opinion, do the Bears make the playoffs?
  7. If so, how far do they advance?
  8. What do you think their biggest weakness/strength is?


1. TheBizofKnowledge - August 4, 2006

Personally, I don’t think there’s any way that Grossman’s going to make it through traininc camp and preseason games unscathed. If he does make it to the regular season, he’ll either go down with an injury within the first five games or he’ll be so ineffective that there will be a tremendous amount of pressure on Smith to put Griese in there. I have never been on the Grossman bandwagon. I think he’s one of those guys that peaked in college and aren’t built for the pro game. Like Cade McClown.

2. j-dub - August 4, 2006

I would agree with you on Grossman. I think he’ll go down at some point. The crazy thing is they’re paying Griese like $6 million a year to play backup. Orton and Grossman combined don’t crack the $1 million mark.

3. Anonymous - August 5, 2006

Grossman needs to stay healthy (I hope he’s not the Bear’s version of Wood.) for most of the season so people can get a good read on whether he can make it. While I do not believe he is of the Montana, Bradshaw, Manning caliber he certainly hasn’t played enough to know what he isn’t capable of. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Grossman fan, but he does deserve the benefit of the doubt to prove himself so we can get a real evaluation. I think he will fit in with Lovie’s mix-it-up game plan if he stays healthy.

I don’t like the contract Griese was signed to, but he’s a helluva backup to have than the Bears have ever had. Anyone care to go down memory lane with me on the standout backups the Bears have had over the decades. Yeah, neither did I.

Comcast Sports had an interesting segment on Bears TEs yesterday and their evaluation was that while its not terrible they didn’t see the TE position amount to much this year in Turner’s game plan. They further felt that it would not give Grossman the flexibility of a third look or dump. Sound familiar to any Illini fans?

As far as their WRs go Mushin is getting old, and the other guys needed Stick-um on their gloves. If I had a quarter for every dropped pass……..well, you get the picture. Let’s just say that to use all your draft picks on defensive players was a error in judgment and I’ll leave it at that.

Turner’s game plan is neither daring nor innovative. He’s a traditional simple offensive coach who plays it safe. I only hope Lovie jaws at him once in a while to get him to try different things such as throw to the TE at least 6-10 times a game. Maybe let the RB throw the ball once in a great while and throw off opponents. Release Peterson under the coverage and surprise the LBs. Turner basically needs to not be predictable.

I think the Bears will make the playoffs, but go as far as their offense takes them. They have the defense to go to the SB, but they need the offense to compliment them, and be able to score more than 21 points a game. A better average would be 25-28. The Bears strength is in their defense since they are young and in their prime as in the article. The weakness is the offense. Will the recievers be able to step it up and CATCH the ball when it comes their way, and will Grossman stay healthy? Also, will Turner keep opponents defenses guessing? Those are the strengths and the weaknesses are the questions. Btw, why do I have this sinking feeling that Jones will not be around next year? Ego?

4. j-dub - August 6, 2006

Mushin had a huge year his last year with Carolina, and can anyone remember who the other receiver the Panthers had that same year? Oh yeah, Steve Smith. Mushin benefited immensely from the coming out party of Steve Smith and since then his abilities (or lack thereof) have been exposed. He’s at best a #2 receiver, and that might be generous.

I agree, I think the TEs have to see around 20-25% of your passing plays. If you don’t then defenses can eliminate another downfield option and close up on your WR and RB. Turner is a figment of the past, just like his brother Norv.

If the Bears can average 21 per game, they’ll win a lot of games. I don’t see too many teams scoring 4 touchdowns on their offense with any kind of regularity.

They should trade Jones and get what they can now (TE or WR would be ideal). I’ve heard their not taking anything less than a 1st rounder for Jones. Might be steep considering RB is usually a deep position in drafts, etc.

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