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Illini Football – Preseason Thoughts August 8, 2006

Posted by j-dub in College Football, Sports.

I must confess that I frequent the ESPN website almost daily. I subscribe to their magazine, and I just recently activated my ESPN insider account. I was poking around the insider pages and I found an excellent article about our beloved Fighting Illini football team.

That got me to thinking…college football is less than a month away! The Illini start their season on September 2nd against Eastern Illinois. Click here to see the 2006 season schedule.

Back to the article. I printed it to a pdf for your viewing pleasure. Click here to read all eleven pages of it. So as long as you don’t tell ESPN I’m letting you read it, then I’ll continue to post Insider stuff here that I find interesting. Basically, ESPN teamed up with this scouting company Blue Ribbon College Football Yearbook to provide this report.

I must say that it is an amazingly thorough report and was a great read. I think what I found most interesting was the remarks about Zook’s recruiting as well as all the position changes that happened on the team. Zook moved a LB to FB and they jumbled the offensive line all over the place. Evidently all these changes are for the better, getting guys where their talent is going to be more beneficial.

The Blue Ribbon guys say 4-5 wins and

“Zook’s team will take a step toward respectability”.

I like the sound of that. I think that is right where I would expect Zook to be after the project he inherited.

What are your predictions/expectations for the Illini this year?



1. Anonymous - August 8, 2006

Zook’s hiring by Illinois was a step in the right direction to revitalizing the FB program. The guy can recruit and he recruits fleet footed players. That is where college football has been going for a number of years now, and something that I don’t think Turner fully realized. The game against LSU should have been his wake up call. Restructuring the program to best use the talent Zook has is smart and will contribute to the additional wins this year. I also thought Illinois should win 4 maybe 5 games. The wins coming at the expense of EIU, Rutgers, Syracuse, and Ohio. The maybe is Northwestern or Indiana. I am going to go out on an over optimistic limb and say that since Illinois will be so different this year than last they might not only surprise some teams such as NW or IU but possibly Purdue.

2. j-dub - August 8, 2006

Camp Rantoul started this week also, and this is a good time to get a close-up look at the Illini.

Bob Asmussen has a blog entry on the N-G website about Day One.


I’m hoping to make it to the scrimmage on Saturday August 12th.

3. Dub Magazine - November 23, 2006


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