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R-E-S-P-E-C-T August 9, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Pro Football, Sports.

Well, to follow along with yesterdays football thread.

Our former Illini Simeon Rice is making noise in the media….again.

He’s back to his usual complaint, that he doesn’t get enough attention. Here’s the article.

Every time I hear this stuff, I want to tell him to shutup. However, he may have a point. If you look at his sack totals he has the second most of any current player, behind Michael Strahan. Simeon, if he stays healthy, could be a hall of fame player.

Here’s a few quotes:

“Right now, I’m in the likes of the great ones of this game. … It’s not by default, either. I worked for that,” Rice said.

“Cats around the league, I respect them. They’re great players, but they are not me. Year in and year out, Michael Strahan is a great player. There’s no disrespect to Mike. … I give him the ultimate, ultimate love. But he’s still not me.”

“I’m the best in the game. They don’t want to respect it. They don’t like it. … But I’m what Bruce Smith and Reggie White passed the torch to,” Rice said.

“At this point in my career, I don’t necessarily play for pats on my back. I play to cement things. I play to cement my name in this game forever. I play to help this team get to a Super Bowl. That’s what gets me going.”

While I don’t like all the ME talk, at least he’s still playing for a super bowl and representing the Illini well in the NFL.

There’s one thing I’ll never forgive Simeon for. It happened on MNF during the year they won the super bowl. You know how they have the starting lineups where each player says their name and their college. A cool feature of MNF, and most guys are excited to do it because they get to give some love to their college programs. The OSU guys always make me laugh when they say “THE Ohio State University”. Anyways, when it came to Simeon’s turn he says “Simeon Rice, School of Hard Knocks”. I was dumbfounded. The one time an Illini grad can represent the U of I on a professional/national level, and make us all proud; he says “School of Hard Knocks”.

Maybe, I’m being too hard on him, but it still urks me to this day.



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