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Open Thread August 21, 2006

Posted by j-dub in General.

Open Thread Monday…..again. I really dislike Mondays…especially when it’s so beautiful outside and I’m stuck at work.


Here are a few interesting links I’ve found today…

Joe Rosenthal Passes Away (he took the famous Iwo Jima photo from WWII)

Big Little Leaguer (talk about an oxymoron, this kid is HUGE!)

Spike Lee’s Katrina Documentary will be worth checking out…



1. Anonymous - August 21, 2006

I love movies, and Spike’s movie is one I won’t go see. I’m not looking to get in depth on it, but Spike bringing up the idea that the levees were intentiionally blown as some residents suggest to destroy the predominantly black 9th word is simply too much and conspiracy theories don’t help. That and not holding accountable the New Orleans Levee Board for criminal and gross negiligence regarding the mismanagement of millions of dollars. You can blame the ACE only so much, but when the body that is to oversee management of the ACE’s work and is given money and doesn’t manage it then who is to blame? That and adding the words of Belafante make this movie out to be nothing more that looking at the tragedy of NO through the lens of racism. No thanks.

2. j-dub - August 21, 2006

I’ve seen some of Spike’s work and most of his work is very well done.

It’s a shame you judge a book by it’s cover. Obviously, race will play a significant role in the movie; no matter how they frame it. I think Spike knows what he is doing. He’s planting seeds in your mind, and he’s not afraid to talk about ANYTHING. Honestly, I like that. We already have enough yes-people and not enough people who facilitate discussion about those topics most people want to shy away from. He might throw a “theory” or two in there, but I think I’ll watch it before I pass judgement.

Bottom line, there was mismanagement in NO by other people than the Feds. It was clearly a “system-wide” failure which is evidently how Spike sees it (according to a quote in the article).

But, to ignore what I would call the most pathetic effort in history by our Federal government (in terms of emergency management), is to be selectively blind to the overall issue; which is saving lives and helping the people of our country no matter their race or social class.

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