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Hot Rod’s Energy Plan August 23, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Local, Politics.

Check this out.

Legit energy plan or campaign season initiative (as JBT is dubbing it)?

AS A VOTER, does this mean anything to you? Or are you skeptical about it’s true value?

I’m interested to see/read your thoughts…



1. Anonymous - August 24, 2006

Some conerns I have about E85, and before I go any further I think it’s a great idea for a number of reasons not the least of which is that it’s renewable and we keep more money domestically. The article from Minnesota while dated from April of 2005 caught my eye because of the 30% swing in wholsale prices. That raised a question in my mind. What impact would increasing/decreasing farm subsidies have on the price? Also fuel efficiency. Currently ethanol burns faster than gasoline lowering miles per gallon. Meaning if you want to save money ethanol needs to be priced much, much lower than gasoline because you will use more. The USA Today article touches on that as well as price volatility again. Issues like that are going to have to be addressed if people are going to be sold on buying ethanol in any significant quantity or regularity.

Having said all that let me make a couple of comments about Blago’s initiative. We’ve had an oil/gas problem for the last 5 years, and I can only think he is rolling this out just ahead of the election to garner votes. Is the plan smart for Illinois? Yes, and for the country as a whole. Is it political? No doubt. One last comment. Where is the money going to some from? The state is still billions in debt and Blago have found some rather creative ways to fund other pet projects of his increasing demand on the state budget. What if the tax collection attempt doesn’t pan out? People can apply for delays and additonal hearings meaning those monies may not be realized until the follwing year if at all. What if a case goes into bankruptcy because of the increased pressure to pay up? I think there were far too many assumptions made in this program. In the final analysis, yes, I am skeptical.



2. j-dub - August 24, 2006

You raise some valid points about the effectiveness of ethanol (nice article links also). Issues that should definetely be addressed before bringing ethanol-based fuels into mass use.

On a similar note…I’m just shocked that the United States of America, “the most powerful, modernized, technologically advanced country in the WORLD” cannot come up with some sort of cost effective alternative fuel. With the scientific minds we have at our disposal, they should be able to find a cost-effective alternative.

I mean if you can take ethanol from crops and make an alternative, surely it’s not beyond the realm of possibility to expect more alternatives. I think big business (auto-makers, oil companies, etc) have/are hindering the progress of this alternative fuel issue.

3. j-dub - August 26, 2006

I was watching the news last night and I saw Rod doing a commercial for this new energy plan. That’s smooth operating by his campaign staff. Have the commercial ready to air when you release the plan. I think this confirms the fact that this was saved for the campaign trail.

It’s too bad Rod is going to POUND JBT at the polls in November. Her almost non-existent campaign will definetely be the reason for not unseating an incumbent who had/has issues/vulnerability in the state.

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