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ESPN High School Football August 26, 2006

Posted by j-dub in H.S. Football, Sports.

Considering the weather is crappy today, I’m forced to be indoors watching TV. To my surprise, ESPN is carrying HIGH SCHOOL football games this year. They are supposed to have one each week. This game happens to pit two of the top 5 H.S. teams in the country against one another. The announcers stated that over 10 Division 1 prospects/recruits/commits are playing in this game.

That is absolutely amazing. One team is Byrnes, South Carolina and the other is Belle Glades, Florida. Byrnes is #2 in the nation and Belle Glades is #5. The rosters for each team read like a college or pro stat sheet. Recievers that are all 6’2″ or taller (one runs a sub-4.3 40) and lineman that weigh over 300lbs! This is a game between HIGH SCHOOL teams!

Anyways, its been a pretty good game so far. I love the fact that ESPN is airing H.S. football. It’s just another example of kids who want to play because they love the game. Much like the little league world series games.



1. bill gunn - August 29, 2006

can i see don bosco prep play st joe’s on espn if iam living in wpb,fla. they play sept 8,2006 at bosco in ramsey,n.j.??

2. j-dub - August 29, 2006

Here’s a link to the ESPN High School Football schedule:


I believe these games are covered Nationally; no regional coverage. So you should be able to watch the one game that they televise.  Actually, it looks like a lot of the H.S. games are covered on ESPNU or ESPN2.  The game this last Saturday was the only one which will air on regular ESPN.  College Football will take precedent now that the college season has started.

It looks like next week we have 2 of the top Chicago Area football programs (Mt. Carmel vs Providence Catholic) playing Thursday September 7th.  I wish I got ESPNU!

3. natebrown - August 29, 2006

What were the ratings like for the High School games? High or low?

4. j-dub - August 29, 2006

I haven’t seen any ratings reports, but the Nielsen ratings are usually listed for over a week’s time. I doubt the game cracked any top 10 or 20 numbers for the week.

Here’s a link to the Nielsen ratings for cable broadcasts. They are a week or two behind, but if it cracks the top 10, it should appear on this page sometime soon.

5. pintaday - September 8, 2006

Do you have a system where we can get High school up dates that are on ESPNU?

6. j-dub - September 10, 2006

If you click on the schedule link that is in the second comment; it will show the final score next to the teams.

7. DC's Finest - September 28, 2006

My alma mater, DUNBAR SHS, in Washington DC will also be on ESPN this year (ESPNU to be exact) on October 20, 2006 at 8pm. The games features, two Division I prospects, WR Arrelious Benn, who is ranked in the top five in wide recievers in the country, QB Nate Bussey. Dunbar has won 7 of 8 city titles.

Check the game out, It’s sure to be a slobberknocker!

8. j-dub - September 28, 2006

I’ll have to call my cable provider and get ESPNU. I’ve heard the channel is awesome. I currently don’t have it. Good luck to your alma mater, and it sounds like a helluva game.

9. randy - September 29, 2006

i just wish any team in america would come play South panola high univ haha in mississippiu there the best high school team i have ever seen 5a 55 straight wins and there not evem close

10. nakia - September 30, 2006

i want someone to keep me informe when the hoover bucs football team are playing on espn or on espn2 i just looooove their teams and cornelius william is soooooooo hot, and good.

11. j-dub - October 1, 2006

Hoover just played this past saturday (the 30th). They lost 28-14 to John Curtis (La.).

12. Reshard - October 9, 2006

To me the best team in the nation is South Panola High School in Batesville, MS. They are just unstoppable and undefeatable and I know that Hoover can’t mess with them

13. Ken - October 27, 2006


14. j-dub - October 28, 2006

HS football in Texas is whole different ballgame. It’s like the major leagues of HS football. That would probably be a good matchup.

I’ve got ESPN U on my cable package now. I’m going to have to check out some of these great teams.

15. Chris - August 25, 2007

Another good game coming up on September 15th will be between Southlake Carroll(TX) and Miami Northwestern(FL). Carroll has won 4 out of the last 5 state championships in class 5A and has lost 1 game in that time span, while Northwestern comes into the game as the defending 6A champs in Florida with a host of division 1A prospects on that team. This one looks to possibly play into the national championship race. Carroll’s high octane air-it-out offense returns but they have lost a lot on defense, so it will be very interesting. I am going to watch this one live, to hell with t.v.

16. Memphisrebel - August 9, 2008

South Panola 75 and counting playing apopka FL on espnU 2008, longest win streak in the country

17. JHF - September 16th 2008 - September 16, 2008

“HS football in Texas is whole different ballgame. It’s like the major leagues of HS football.” – J Dub

It’s funny you say that, because Mississippi was listed as the top football state listed by USA Football and the USA Today.
Argue that!

18. JHF - September 16th 2008 - September 16, 2008
19. Ricky - August 28, 2009

Is there any way to apply or something to get a game on ESPN U? I go to Phillips Academy in Andover MA and our game against Phillips Exeter Academy of Exeter NH is the oldest Prep School rivalry in the country. It’s always a tough fought game by both teams and would be a great game to show on ESPN.

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