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2006-2007 College Football: Season Predictions August 30, 2006

Posted by j-dub in College Football, Sports.

Here are my August predictions for this season of college football, so I can LAUGH at them in January.

Illinois Wins = 5 – EIU, Rutgers, Syracuse, Indiana, and Ohio.

Big Ten Champ = Iowa – the Hawkeyes beat the Buckeyes in a Saturday night showdown in Iowa City.

Heisman = Brady Quinn – so much hype, a great schedule, plenty of TV time, and his team will win enough games. He’s a lock. Only Troy Smith of Ohio State and Adrian Peterson of Oklahoma (if he stays healthy) will give him a run.

Most Overrated Team = West Virginia – they play nobody all year, but yet already have a #5 ranking to start the year. Which is why I have them listed as a potential National Champ possibility below. However, they are clearly the most overrated team to start the season. A USC, ND, Auburn, Miami, or OSU team would POUND them. Maybe I’d have more respect if they actually played somebody.

Most Overrated Conference = Pac-10 – all sorts of “experts” claim this is the best conference. ARE YOU KIDDING? Outside of USC and Cal, this conference is a joke. None of the teams in the conference know how to play defense and the Big 10, SEC (the best conference), Big 12, and ACC are better from top to bottom.

National Championship Possibilities: ND/USC/Cal vs Miami/Auburn/W.V.

National Championship Pick = Notre Dame vs Miami, with Notre Dame winning it all.

I’m picking ND. I know, I know, let me jump on the bandwagon too. Actually, they only have 4 tough games (PSU, Mich., MSU, and USC). I think they win all 4 of those games, with MSU and USC being revenge wins this year. All the other teams I listed above aren’t as experienced at the key positions as ND, or their schedules are tougher and that’s the reason for my pick.

What are your predictions?



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2. joey - September 16, 2006

dude your picks suck you say that WV is overrated then you have them going to the national championship. And the hawkeyes are going to win the BIG 10 over the Ohio State. You must be a hawkeye fan retarded like all of them. RETARD!!!!

3. j-dub - September 16, 2006

WV is overrated. There’s no doubt about that. How can you ever judge them? They play ABSOLUTELY NOBODY! The reason I have them as a possible national champ is because SOMEHOW they got a #5 preseason rank, and as I mentioned, their schedule is a joke. We also know that all the other top teams in the country will probably lose 1 game. That leaves WV near or at the top. It’s a load of crap, and I don’t agree with it but it’s all thanks to the rankings system.

The hawkeyes were my “sleeper” team this year. However, with Drew Tate banged up, they’ve been extremely shaky. I could have easily picked OSU, like everybody else on the planet, but I wasn’t sure what to expect from their defense with all those new kids. The OSU/Michigan game at the end of the season will probably determine the Big Ten champ and possibly the National Champ.

I’m no Hawkeye fan, I’m an Illinois fan. So, yeah, I’m probably retarded…LOL

4. Anonymous - September 18, 2006

You are a complete idiot. Three of of your national championship teams have already lost. Miami got crushed by Louisville who happens to be a Big East team. The Big East is also 4-2 against the ACC. West Virginia is ranked that high because they beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl and have most of their players back. There are two Big East teams in the top ten, zero from the ACC. The Big East is a better conference than the ACC. Louisville and WVU are both better than any team in the ACC. I agree that the SEC is the toughest conference in football but WVU beat the SEC champion. The rest of the Big East teams are way better than people give them credit for. By the time the season is over, WVU will have ended up playing about as hard a schedule as most of the contenders. You are a complete idiot and your opinions are a joke. You have no idea what you are talking about and it is a shame that you are allowed to post your opinions anywhere where people can see them.

5. j-dub - September 18, 2006

Well, that’s why they call them predictions. Everyone looks real smart after the first 3 weeks of the season.

I never stated that the Big East was worse than the ACC. I actually said that the ACC is better than the Pac-10 from top to bottom. That is still the case. Thanks for twisting my words though.

The Big East is a surprise to this point and nothing more. There isn’t a single team in that conference who has played anybody yet, and by the end of the year, you’ll still be able to say the same thing. The Louisville/WV game is the only true test all year for WV, and only the second test for Louisville. Their first test, Miami, is extremely underachieving this year. WV is a good team, top 15 good, but not national champion good.

Yeah, I’m the idiot. You’re the one trying to make a case for the Big East, Louisville, and WV. Louisville and WV are the only teams in that conference who are worth talking about. Let those teams go to the SEC or Big Ten and they’d finish .500. Louisville plays 2 ranked teams, and WV plays 1. Tough schedule. Give me a break.

At least I have the confidence to make my predictions and stand by them.

6. TJC - September 26, 2006

I am a WVU fan. It is unfortunate WVU has a diluted schedule. That is not necessarily the school’s fault. Critics must remember the Big East recently lost Virginia Tech, Miami, and Boston College. It is interesting that Virginia Tech, Miami, and Boston College are proving to be among the better teams in the ACC.

I am not so sure WVU would be expected to go undefeated if the school had the privilege of playing in the Big Ten. Big Ten football, in my opinion, is the best in the nation. I am sure expectations for WVU would not be so high if the school were able to compete in the SEC, Big XII, or Pac 10. I do believe WVU, at this stage in the season, would be a front runner for the ACC title. I also believe WVU would do much better than .500 in the SEC, Big Ten, Big XII, and Pac 10.

As far as overrated teams go, I believe Notre Dame is probably the most overrated school in the top 10. Notre Dame receives more recognition than it deserves. Notre Dame’s schedule, while more challenging than the schedule WVU plays, is not nearly as strong as it seems. Other than games against USC, Michigan, and Michigan State, I do not see a very daunting schedule. Georgia Tech is weak, Michigan State is rebuilding (though good), and Penn State is down yet again (I hope Joe Pa continues to drive the program into the ground and the 2005 campaign is only a memory of what once was).

WVU is probably not as good as some other teams in the country, however, WVU is better than the vast majority of other Division IA schools. WVU is a legitimate contender for the national title game so long as no more than one other team finishes the year undefeated. In the event WVU is fortunate enough to get through the season undefeated, I do not see why the school’s appearance in the BCS title game should be so controversial. This is especially true when one considers WVU beat the SEC champion just last year with a number of the same players on this year’s team.

By the way, what happened to Illinois football?

7. j-dub - September 27, 2006

WVU is a good team. I don’t dismiss their abilities. My problem is the fact that they will get consideration as a national champ, and never get challenged in the season. All the other schools in the chase will get challenged, and get challenged frequently.

Of course, I advocate a playoff system and hate the current system in college football.

Illinois football? Another rebuilding year. Let Zook get HIS talent on the field, get the juco kids and Turner’s kids off it, and we’ll get decidely better.

8. RUserious - November 13, 2006

Your Picks suck, Rutgers Shit on your team and they beat Louiville. Rutgers will go undefeated 12-0 whip West Virginia and win a BCS bowl they should be in the National Championship.

9. j-dub - November 13, 2006


It’s really easy to talk shit 11 weeks into the season….

I picked Rutgers over Louisville this past Thursday. I love Super Sophomore Ray Rice. That kid plays his butt off.

10. mountaneer fan - November 26, 2006

west virginia is the best team in the nation and you dont no what your talking about cause miami barely made a bowl and notre dame hasnt beat a top 20 team all year and west viriginia would crush notre dame i believe that iowa is barely making a bowl so who ever hired you should be fired cause none of your predictions are right

11. mr. bond aka clint bond - November 26, 2006

west virginia would kill any team and you say their overrated they had to play at louiville number 8 it was close and they had to play rutgers who is around 13th and their going to beat rutgers and it was close against louiville. Now you may say notre dame has a hard schedule because there last 3 losses have been against usc michigan and ohio sate but look at these scores any team could do that they lost by over 20 each time and never say these wvu is overrated cause notre dame doesent play anybody and the acc hasnt got one team in the top 15 so learn how to pick before you do

12. j-dub - November 26, 2006

Well, I made my predictions pre-season. I’d be a real smartass too if I was talking smack in late November. Especially considering West Virginia got thumped by South Florida over the weekend.

Louisville has been impressive. They played through a few key injuries and still played tough.

I guarantee you ND schedule strength is much better than West Virginia or Louisville. They’ve played 3 ranked teams and they beat GT in the first game of the year and they are currently ranked which would make it 4 ranked they’ve played.

Obviously ND isn’t as good as all the preseason hype. Guilty as charged, but to dismiss ND for either one of the Big East teams is ridiculous. Of course we could avoid all of this with a playoff system and settle it on the field.

13. Gervasio - November 27, 2006

Notre Dame hasn’t played any top 20 teams all season?? hahaha

14. Gervasio - November 27, 2006

Ohio State v. USC (National Championship)
Michigan v. Florida
LSU v. Notre Dame
Rutgers v. Boise State
Auburn v. Wisconsin

**assign bowls accordingly

(i think these would be the best matchups, lets see what the BCS is made of)

15. Hokie - November 28, 2006

Virginia Tech is the highest rank ACC team, and is not going to the ACC Championship. They had a rocky start but came back to play true Virginia Tech Football. It is a HUGE disappointment to have to watch Wake Forest vs Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship.

16. j-dub - November 29, 2006

Yeah, the Hokies were disappointing early on; but they’ve improved since their earlier losses.

Wake vs Tech is definetely not a marquee matchup for the ACC title. I guess it’s nice to have some different teams in the mix. You gotta love the parody of college sports…

17. Anonymous - December 3, 2006

UGA best in the nation

18. Anonymous - December 3, 2006

Well…if you look at your “early” predictions…its you that most of it wrong. Notre Dame? They lost the only two games they had on their schedule. Their legacy always has them overrated. And WV seems to have a pretty good team..not No. 1 or national champion or anything…but certainly worthly of a top 10 spot. Cna’t figur how they lost to So. Florida…but them let;s figure how Notre Dame gets wiped out by USC..then USC get humiliated by UCLA. The later would be a bigger joke, and bring to mind “overrated”.. Oh well, as we are used to saying in WV country…wait till next year !!

19. j-dub - December 4, 2006

The Big East was surprisingly good THIS year. Louisville, Rutgers, and WV all played well. But again, when you play at best 2 good/ranked teams, you’re not going to get a lot of credit on a national scale.

Notre Dame was clearly overrated. I bought into the hype. Shame on me. I knew it was too good to be true, but fell for it anyways. That said, Notre Dame had just as tough a schedule, if not tougher than ANY of the Big East teams. If you compare wins/losses of their opponents, they look pretty even. However, ND plays more competition from the power conferences (most notably the Big Ten) than the Big East teams.

ND plays 9-4 GT, 8-4 PSU, 8-5 Purdue, etc. Louisville (best Big East Team) plays 7-5 Kentucky, 6-6 Miami, 7-5 MTSU, 7-5 KSU, etc. Really, it plays out pretty evenly between a ND/Louisville comparison.

Along with the preseason hype, and the fact that most people consider your who you’re playing against pretty important; ND is considered slightly better than the Big East teams. Too bad they don’t settle it on the field, we could know the truth.

20. RLSECRET - December 20, 2006

wv lost to s.fla because they knew ,if they ended 5th by beating s.fla. and rutgers,they would still not get into the bcs…thats sad that mich.,boise st.,and weak notre dame along with ,a guaranteed sec team,lsu were no-brainers…lsu jumped from 11th to 5th with there win over ark..but ,had wvu gone 11-1, they were still going to gator bowl…WEST VIRGINIA should be the darling cinderella school in our country considering what theyve done in football and basketball with all the left-overs that ga.,tenn.,s.c.,texas,mich.oh.st.,do not want…but its blatently apparent that ,all the media wants to talk about is corn-cob pipes and barefeet…im a mathematician and my daughters are doctors and ive never left west virginia…be fair is all we want…you media guys put UTAH so high on a pedestal couple of years ago,they got top draft pick in football and hoops…you do not realize how you can make or break a team and its conference…UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21. Anonymous - January 9, 2007

get out of the prediction business j-dub…you stink!

22. HAROLD WILSON - January 11, 2007


23. Chris - February 23, 2007

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24. Kristen - January 8, 2008

I’m sorry but you try to say that WVU dosn’t play anyone? Look at what they did in the Fiesta Bowl against a number 3 team without thier long-term head coach. That takes talent right there. If WVU would play there best every game theres not a single team in the US that could beat them. The only games they have lost they have made stupid mistakes and alot of turn overs. You are an idiot and need to watch more sports. And whoever said that Notre Dame had a hard season bc they had to play Michigan? HAHA Michigan lost to App State? Who is that no one had even heard of them until they beat Michigan

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