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2006-2007 College Football – Week 1 August 31, 2006

Posted by j-dub in College Football, Sports.

It’s finally here…College Football. The first games of the season are played tonight, with probably one of the most emotional games of the year being played tonight between Northwestern and Miami(OH); the alma-mater of the recently passed Randy Walker (he was the Northwestern Coach at the time he passed).

College football is rapidly becoming my favorite sports season. I’ll be using these weekly college posts as a place to make my predictions, thoughts, and other various comments about the great game of college football.

I’ll try and highlight the biggest games each week as well as cover our local conference, the Big Ten, and of course talk about our beloved Orange and Blue.

Here’s a link to the College Football schedule on ESPN’s website.

Week 1 (Game = My pick)

EIU at Illinois = Illinois
#9 Cal at #23 Tennessee = Cal
#2 Notre Dame at Georgia Tech = Notre Dame
#11 Florida State at #12 Miami (FL) = Miami (FL)

Nothing too exciting the first week of the season. I probably wouldn’t have put the Notre Dame game on my list of picks, but everyone seems to think this game could be close because of the upset Tech gave to Auburn in week 1 last year. My guess, Quinn and the Irish carve em’ up by about 20+ on their way to a rout. Illinois better win this game or else we have serious problems; even though EIU is pretty solid they should never lose to a 1-AA team. Cal will pound the Vols. I just think the west coast teams always have the faster athletes that can just flat out get after it. Plus, Tennessee has been pretty stagnant the past few years.

The most exciting game this week is FSU and Miami, which isn’t played until Monday the 4th (Labor Day). Even though Hurricane Ernesto is disrupting the Miami practice schedule, I’m still picking the Canes. They lost a close one last year (by 3 pts) and their offense will be much better this year against a FSU defense that lost a few key guys to the pros. I think FSU makes some turnovers and Miami makes them pay.

Also, check out my season predictions here. I’ve predicted the number of games Illinois wins, the big ten champ, most overrated conference/team, and the national champ already.

Please post your picks, argue with mine, point out other games of interest, or talk about any other college football stuff that’s on your mind.



1. Anonymous - August 31, 2006

I’ll lump your last two posts together in my response.

I think Ohio St. is over ranked. A better position would be 3. They have 9 new starters on defense so they will take some time to gel as a unit under playing conditions. As a result they will lose a couple of games such as at Texas, and at Iowa.

Texas’ only problem other than losing every key player from last year is they have a new QB and their schedule favors them with Oklahoma being the only real test.

Notre Dame. For a team that gave up an average of 400 yards a game last year to improve with 9 new starters is asking a bit much. Their schedule favors them, but later USC and AF road games will be a challenge and my guess is they will lose one of them.

I like Auburn because they have a balanced and veteran team that I can’t find a real weakness. LSU and Florida will test them.

A lot is being said about USC contending again, but not with a untested new QB.

LSU is another balanced and veteran team with challenging games against Auburn, Florida, and Tennessee.

I really like Florida’s chances with excellent experience at key positions and balanced otherwise. Good games will be against Tennessee, Auburn, and FSU.

Cal is a non issue with another untested QB.

Whoever said the PAC-10 was going to be the best needs a new job.

I agree with you that WVU will most likely end up in the Championship game because of their pre season ranking and soft schedule. Makes you wish we had a playoff, huh? Who will they meet?

WVU v. Florida/Auburn Probably Auburn

About your prediction for the Cal v Tennessee game I am going with Tennessee.

As far as conferences go its the Big 10 and the SEC with a slight edge to the SEC.

2. j-dub - September 1, 2006

I think OSU is taking the ND/USC approach from last year. Outscore your opponents to win. I’m sure they have stud recruits to plug-in, but that lack of experience will show.

Texas has a good shot, but I figure somebody will catch them off-guard. The Big 12 should be better this year than last year, and Superman isn’t playing quaterback for them anymore. Even though the rest of the key lineman, backs, and recievers are still there; the new QB will cost them a game somewhere along the way.

I love all the SEC teams, but their schedules are a nightmare. And I just don’t see any of them making it through unscathed, but if I had to pick it would be Auburn. Chris Leak will fold under the pressure in a big game for Florida, ending their chances.

It’s funny how the powers that be said “we don’t have time in the schedule to have a playoff”, but yet they add a twelfth game this year. Everything boils down to money, and everyone wants a piece. A playoff would only benefit the best schools every year and not everyone. It’s a shame money is always the issue. They don’t understand how good a playoff would be for college football. Now, we get a twelfth game where the powerhouse schools schedule cream puffs and destroy them by 50 pts, but hey the cream puff school gets paid a crap load of money to play against them. What a joke.

In your scenario, I’d take WVU vs Auburn.

3. j-dub - September 1, 2006

Let me explain my reasoning for ND a little more. I think their toughest games are Penn State (#19), Michigan (#14), Michigan St, and USC (#6). The first three of these games are all played in consecutive weeks and PSU and Michigan are at South Bend. Michigan State and USC are both revenge games, games that ND should have won last year.

Your points about their defense are very correct. However, they defended USC well enough to win last year (even though they lost) and no other offensive team in college football history was as prolific as that USC team last year. And ND even kept up with them scoring points. The bad thing is, this year they go to the Colliseum in LA.

The teams that can hurt ND are teams that play excellent defense or can outscore them. I don’t think they have any of those teams on their schedule this year. PSU will probably be the best defense they face all year, but their offense will be their downfall. USC will be the best offense, but won’t be as good as last year.

My gut tells me that Michigan will be the potential spoiler, even though ND has owned that matchup recently (ND 3-1 against big blue since 2002). Lloyd Carr’s gang tries to save his job by pulling what some would call a huge upset in South Bend.

4. j-dub - September 4, 2006

Well, barring a miraculous turnaround (they’re trailing 13-10 w/2 mins to go right now), Florida State is going to hang on and beat Miami. Miami could have, should have, put this game away in the second quarter; but they didn’t.

So, I’ll be 2-2 after week 1. It was nice to see Tennessee show something in a big game, which is a change from the past few years. Cal was clearly overrated, but I’m wondering why the Ayoob kid didn’t play quarterback. He’s not a great passer, but you could tell the offense was better when he was in the game.

Notre Dame was also unimpressive, but made it through a dog fight on the road in week 1. It’s crazy how much ND looks like the Patriots on offense. I think that bodes well for them this year. Their defense looked great, albeit against a not-so-great offense.

Overall, an average opening weekend. Next week, the key matchup being Ohio State at Texas for a rematch of last year’s great game.

5. Yankee - September 30, 2006

Could we have you “experts” updating your “gut feelings” etc. please. GO BUCKS!

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