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Crunch Time September 5, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Local, Politics.

That’s what I’d call this stretch from Labor Day to Election Day for all the November Candidates.  You have 2 months of time to do your best campaign work.  Sure, most candidates have already done tons of work, but in the close races; these two months are crucial.  Why?  The undecided voters.  The 52nd Senate race between Judy Myers, Mike Frerichs and Joe Parnauraskis is an example of where these two months will be the deciding factor.   This figures to be a close race, and every vote will be needed.  The work completed in “swing” districts/areas/precincts will make the difference.

Which race(s) intrigue you the most?  What “swing” areas are crucial in the local races, like the 52nd?  How do you feel about the statewide races?

Please discuss.



1. Kiyoshi Martinez - September 5, 2006

You’re dead on about the 52nd shaping up to be an exciting race. The Joe Parnarauskis ballot issue is going to be especially important and could be a huge factor in this election, which is why I think it’s hugely underreported.

2. j-dub - September 5, 2006

This whole Joe Pa thing is crazy. In one way it makes me mad, because I don’t personally think he’s a legit candidate. I try to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but this is hard to believe. On the other side, I love having a third option in the race; I just wish it came from a different angle.

All that said, you’re absolutely correct. This issue is under reported, when Joe Pa could possibly be the difference maker. Not because he’ll win the race, or even that he’ll get a lot of votes. To this point the ballot issue has distracted valuable Dem resources and he’s also going to siphon ballots from both candidates.

The question is, which one will get it worse? Most seem to think that Frerichs will take the worse of it, but who knows if that is the case.

3. Anonymous - September 5, 2006

Joe Pa’s issues resonate very closely with the very left of the Democratic party, and that is the reason why Democrats are fighting to keep him off the ballot. I have to disagree that he’ll be siphoning any votes from the Myers campaign.

4. j-dub - September 7, 2006

Overall, I think you’re right. Honestly, the biggest issue I see the SEP folks chanting against is the war on Iraq. I think people of both parties have discord with regards to Iraq. Thus, my reasoning for Joe Pa siphoning votes from both parties.

5. SEP all the way! - September 19, 2006

“I love having a third option in the race; I just wish it came from a different angle.”

In other words, you wish the third option was coming from the right rather than the left. Are you some type of libertarian?

“To this point the ballot issue has distracted valuable Dem resources and he’s also going to siphon ballots from both candidates.”

Good! The two major parties (along with the exploitative economic system they defend) need to be sent to the dust bin of history.

“I think people of both parties have discord with regards to Iraq.”

Wrong. Both the Democrats and Republicans completely back the Iraq war as well as the broader “War on terrorism”. I would encourage you to actually listen to some of the speeches being delivered by key Democrats these days. All of their criticism of Bush and the Iraq war is coming from the right. They say that Bush isn’t doing enough to “win” the war. The implication being that the U.S. should drop even more bombs on Iraq, kill even more Iraqi people. I’d wager a bet that if Hillary Clinton was to get into the White House, the militarism of the U.S. would actually increase from the level it’s at now with Bush.

You might be interested to know that Joe Parnarauskis will address a meeting hosted by the Students for Social Equality tomorrow, September 20. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in room 205 of Gregory Hall, on the corner of Wright and Armory streets on the campus of the University of Illinois. Perhaps you could attend and let your readers know what you make of it.

6. j-dub - September 19, 2006

What’s left and right? I honestly don’t know. I can never keep all that straight. My thing is this, who cares what party you come from. I want somebody who is like me. I want somebody like me. I want someone who doesn’t stick the party line all the time. Someone who says, “yeah the dems have a point” and then the next time says “yeah the reps have a point”. I want a person who votes strictly on what makes sense and what they believe in. I don’t want another person who votes because everyone else in the party says they should or because they owe some other politician a vote.

I’d love for the two party system to be challenged. It would benefit our country in many ways.

Dems and Reps dislike the war. The politicians in power now go with the mainstream. It’s safer for their political careers that way. If a majority was against the war, they’d all be against it. Very few issues really split the crowd.

I appreciate you posting your comments. Please continue to read.

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