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Judy Who? September 12, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Local, Politics.

Is Judy Baar Topinka still running for Governor?judy.jpg

I hope somebody can tell me, because I sure can’t tell.

The sad thing is, Blagojevich was/is vulnerable in this race. A formidable candidate could have definetely knocked him out of office. The problem is, a formidable opponent was not put up against him. No, the statewide Republican party selected Judy-I’m-connected-to-George-Ryan-Baar-Topinka instead of another viable option. Great move considering George Ryan just got sent to jail for over 6 years. The only real reason I’ve heard for Judy’s selection is because the Republicans thought she was the only one who could take Rod down.

That’s a great reason for selecting a candidate; another thing I hate about politics (let’s pick who we think can win, even if that person isn’t out best candidate). Nevermind the fact that everytime she starts to talk, I want to change the channel. She has to be one of the most annoying/rude personalities I’ve ever seen in politics. That is just my opinion, but the Blagojevich campaign must have similar thoughts. Every one of Rod’s commercials has Judy making some weird face or saying something ridiculous/annoying.

Illinipundit has a link to Judy’s latest ad. She finally began running TV spots last week. I know Blago has 4-5 times the money as JBT, but her campaign doesn’t have to be overload to get a win. She just has to be smart, and I don’t think she’s been that way so far. Anyways, we probably won’t see too many of them downstate, I guess she is focusing her money up north; which could be a smart move. However, I don’t think you win by trying to change your opponents mind(in this case, chasing after Chicago Democrat votes). I think you win by supercharging your base, like Bush did in 2004.

Basically, I think Blago blasts Judy in November. IP also has a post on polling numbers for the 52nd district with respect to the Governor’s race. They don’t seem too promising to me. I figured any decent Republican would be blasting Rod, in this area at least, by this time in the race. I don’t think she will put too much more distance between her and Rod here, since she’s spending a majority of her TV dollars up north, but maybe I’m wrong.

A Wall Street Journal/Zogby Poll shows Rod leading the State by 13 pts (give or take 3 pts). I’m sorry, but that’s terrible this stage of the game. Especially with Rod hammering the TV at least triple the amount as JBT, and her obvious disadvantage in funds/appeal.

I think it’s a shame the Republican party in Illinois is such a joke. I was really hoping for a better option in November. Unfortunately, I’ll probably skip this race on the ballot. I don’t think I can vote for either one of these jokers. I hate living in a state where politics appear to be some of the most corrupt and ludicrous in the entire nation.

Does Judy stand a chance? What’s to be done with the Illinois Republican Party in general? Would it matter in a typically blue state?

Your thoughts appreciated as always…



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