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$16,419… September 13, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Politics.

That’s George Ryan’s pension….PER MONTH. Or just over $197,000 each year.

That according to the Channel 3 news at 10PM last night (9/12).

Well, hopefully Lisa Madigan and her crew will get this taken care of. They are looking at taking away his pension, due to his various conviction(s) while in office. Read this article for more.

Normally, I wouldn’t kick a man while he’s down, but this is actually a great move by state pension officials. Hopefully Madigan will do her part, and we’ll actually have some good news come of this whole Ryan fiasco. I really hope Madigan supports revoking Ryan’s pension.

What a nice pension, I’m sure being Illinois governor constitutes such a gracious amount of money for the rest of one’s life (that’s all sarcasm by the way). That is ridiculous. It’s more the the pension given to a former President of the United States (if you just look at pension figures alone and ignore the first lady pension). I know former presidents (and first ladies) get other perks that add up to way more than what Ryan would get each year, but for the pension of the Illinois governor (or any state official) to be more than the president…is insanity. No wonder other state pensions are being raided.

Let me repeat myself. I really hope Madigan supports revoking Ryan’s pension.



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