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2006-2007 College Football – Week 3 September 14, 2006

Posted by j-dub in College Football, Sports.

In week 3, things start to heat up in college ball. We start to see some conference games which always stir the pot up pretty good. I’m picking a crap load of games this week since 14 of the top 25 teams play AGAINST each other this week. That has to be some kind of record or something.

Games I’m picking this week:

Syracuse at Illinois
Iowa State at #16 Iowa
#11 Michigan at #2 Notre Dame
#6 LSU at #3 Auburn
#17 Miami (FL) at #12 Louisville
#15 Oklahoma at #18 Oregon
#24 Texas Tech at #20 TCU
Clemson at #9 Florida State
#19 Nebraska at #4 USC
#7 Florida at #13 Tennessee

My Picks:

Illinois, Iowa, Notre Dame, LSU, Miami (FL), Oregon, Texas Tech, Clemson, USC, and Florida

Upset Alert: Florida State (see my pick above) – they’ve been weak on offense all year and Clemson always plays them tough. I also think they’re one of the most overrated teams in the country. Iowa was my second choice, because Drew Tate is hurting and Iowa State has surprised them in the past.

As much as I would love to see USC lose, they’ll have too much speed on the field in the Colisseum and they’ll blow the Nebraska boys away. Notre Dame will light Michigan up in South Bend. LSU knocks off Auburn in a game that could have national title implications. Oregon knocks down the overrated Sooners. Clemson pulls an upset in Tallahassee. Florida smokes Tennessee at Rocky Top.



1. j-dub - September 16, 2006

Syracuse, Iowa, Michigan, Auburn, Louisville, Oregon, TCU, Clemson, USC, and Florida are all winners today.

I’m 5-5 this week. I’ll take a .500 week with all these tough picks.

2. j-dub - September 16, 2006

Unfortunately, I’m promoting this comment of my own from a previous post:

“My gut tells me that Michigan will be the potential spoiler, even though ND has owned that matchup recently (ND 3-1 against big blue since 2002). Lloyd Carr’s gang tries to save his job by pulling what some would call a huge upset in South Bend.”

Notre Dame plays a terrible game at home and gets SPANKED by the wolverines today. I picked ND to go all the way, but deep down, I knew it was too good to be true; hence my premonition.

OSU, Michigan, Auburn, USC, and Louisville were pretty impressive today. OSU/Michigan the week before Thanksgiving could decide the Big Ten champ (unless Iowa knocks somebody off) and a whole lot more if things hold true.

You can definetely tell Michigan is playing with a chip on their shoulder this year. All the talk about them “being down” lately has obviously motivated them.

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