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George Bush is the DEVIL!!! September 20, 2006

Posted by j-dub in National, Politics.

Honestly, I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that Hugo Chavez (Venezuelan President) called George W. Bush the devil during a speech he gave at the U.N. today.  Click here to view the video.  Absolutely priceless.  I can’t stand this Chavez guy, but this was extremely funny.  Politics at its best.

All I could think of was the Adam Sandler movie, The Waterboy, where Kathy Bates (who plays Sandler’s Mom in the movie) keeps calling everything the devil.

Here is the perfect clip, just insert George Bush instead of Ben Franklin!

Go here to listen to more Waterboy clips.



1. Anonymous - September 21, 2006

It wouldn’t be funny if you had to live in Venezuela. The man has spent part of his nation’s fortune on arming every citizen because he’s convinced the US is going to invade it. He is taking Castro’s playbook on ‘How to be a Latin American Dictator’ and the follow up ‘How to suppres opposition and civil rights and have the people love you for it’ and ran with it like Ben Johnson after his next steroid fix.

2. j-dub - September 21, 2006

You are sooo right. I was just choosing to look at the comedic side of this particular issue. Chavez is a complete TOOL and I too feel sorry for the people of Venezuela.

It was still funny though…..

3. I have no mouth but I must scream - September 21, 2006

The comparison to Castro is more than a little silly. Venezuela is a fully functioning democracy with regular and fair elections. And I should point out that, according to available opinion polls, Chavez has an aproval rating of between 70 and 80 percent. So obviously the majority of the Venezuelan public doesn’t regard Chavez as a “tool”.

“The man has spent part of his nation’s fortune on arming every citizen because he’s convinced the US is going to invade it.”

Seems to be a wise move. Considering that the US was behind an earlier attempted coup against the democratically elected Chavez government, it is entirely rational to take steps to protect your country and its people against future attacks from the Imperialist ruling class of the USA. By the way, I would of thought you right-wing types would get behind the idea of every citizen being armed. Oh well…

4. Anonymous - September 22, 2006

The comparison to Castro is quite fitting, but I think I understand how it works and what you’re getting at. Venezuela has a fully functioning democracy with fair elections so long as Chavez is the only one on the ballot and opposition groups are that in name only since they are in fear of constantly being sent to prison and slapped around to put it nicely. Yeah, democracy, communist style. Let’s also not forget shutting down the independent media. He’s established news laws on public protests and imposed media restrictions.

He’s in such fear that he’s buying jet fighters and attack helicopters to use against who exactly? Isn’t nearly half of Venezuela dirt poor? Its been 7 years since Chavez’s ‘revolution’ and significant portions of Venezuela still don’t have running water, and yet Chavez spends billions on high tech weaponry.

Chavez promised over 100,000 homes for people if only they’d elect him. Seven years later he’s managed to get about a quarter of them built. That’s right. There’s that impending invasion from the gringos so that’s going to have to wait.

In order to court favor among other countries Chavez has promised to help African nations with their malaria problems diverting funds while Venezuela’s malaria rate is twice now since Chavez has took office. Damn, but there’s that invasion coming so those medicines will have to wait.

Chavez promised last year to spend over 2 billion dollars for critical improvments to Venezuela’s deteriorating medical facilities, but so far the money has not been forthconing. Something else seems to be more important. Some rumor about gringos.

Chavez has spent tens of millions supporting pseudo communists or socialists in Peru, Mexico, and Bolivia, but the poor still live hand to mouth, but Chavez will give you an AK to fight somebody, anybody.

Scream, you seem to have forgotten the hotly contested recall vote Chavez faced in 2004. Your 70-80 doesn’t really exist except on paper. I’m sure that was US coup/invasion that Chavez tried to repulse even thought the US gave verbal support to the opposition because Chavez wasn’t helping, but enriching his own cronies.

But he’s a hero right? Go sell that in the slums of Caracas. For the love.

5. j-dub - September 24, 2006

Anon, very nice post. I agree with your statements. There is no way Chavez has a 70-80% approval rate. If that existed, why the recount issue? Also, the guy is basically a dictator, and I’m sure HIS media will tell everyone his approval rating is sky high.

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