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Taking the high road… September 20, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Local, Politics.

Well, the folks over at Illinipundit would like you to think Judy Myers is against negative advertising, and that negative advertising is only an act of desperation by a candidate who is in trouble or trying to avoid trouble.

However, Judy Myers is running negative ads of her own against her opponent Mike Frerichs; about 10 days after Mike’s first negative ad. Mike did run negative ads first, but who really cares who ran them first? I guess, if I was a republican, I could point that out everytime the issue came up. Of course, if I were a democrat, I could always bring up the fact that Judy is running negative ads also. Point being, neither candidate is better than the other for running negative ads. The common voter, myself included, thinks they both could have (and should have) avoided negative ads and in the end things balance out. Maybe if one candidate stays positive it helps them, but I also think that negative ads are prevalent for a reason; they must work.

Speaking of negative ads, CU Listener has a great post detailing the negative campaign that has been happening at Illinipundit for at least the better part of 6 months. I know it’s not the same thing, but in this day and age, it’s probably even better than an ad buy.
Also, what does this say about the Myers’ campaign? Over at IP, I was told Frerichs is running negative ads because he is “trailing badly” (as the negative Judy Myers ad states). I thought Judy had a huge lead? I also asked why Blago was running negative ads, and I was told the following:

“Blago has much higher name recognition than Frerichs, and voters already have an opinion of Blagojevich. For many voters, the first time they’re going to hear/remember Frerichs name is in association with a negative ad.”

So, how many people have heard of Judy Myers recently? I’m guessing roughly the same number that have heard about Frerichs. Which completely negates the quote above.

In the end, I’m trying to illustrate a classical example of politics today. Each candidate, NO MATTER WHICH PARTY, is trying to tell you exactly what you want to hear. Personally, I get really tired of Republicans AND Democrats trying to paint these wonderful pictures of themselves.  Then, the next day, doing exactly what they criticized their oppenent for doing. My best advice, get out and research the candidates for yourself, and be careful of your sources of information. If something a candidate, or a staffer, says is questionable; look it up. Ask somebody you trust. Don’t be naive, politics today feasts on the naive and uninformed people.



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