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2006-2007 NFL – Week 3 September 24, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Pro Football, Sports.

There are some very good divisional games this Sunday.

Games I’m picking:

Jacksonville at Indianapolis
Chicago at Minnesota
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
Carolina at Tampa Bay
Denver at New England

Monday Night Football:

Atlanta at New Orleans (First game in Superdome since Hurricane Katrina)

My Picks:

Jacksonville, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Carolina, Denver, and Atlanta



1. Anonymous - September 25, 2006

Minnesota over Chicago? I’m here to tell you that Chicagois going to the Super Bowl. They have a challenging middle part of their schedule which will reveal quite a bit about this team, but they are going to the Super Bowl.

2. j-dub - September 25, 2006

Hey, if Tommie Harris doesn’t strip that ball; they lose.

The defense keeps bailing Chicago out. This defense is nowhere near as good as the Baltimore defense that won a title a few years ago. That Baltimore defense was on par with the 85′ Bears, and the “Iron Curtain” teams of the 70s. Chicago’s D is good, but not on the caliber of those great defenses of the past.

With that said, they need more offense than Baltimore had that year, and I don’t think they’ll get it. So far, I’ve seen the Rex Grossman show (average to this point, against terrible teams), and absolutely no running game. Not a good sign.

However, they very well could make it to the Super Bowl. Who from the NFC is going to oppose them? Carolina looks pathetic when Steve Smith isn’t playing, all the NFC East teams beat the hell out of each other in divison play, and the Bears division is the worst in football (even with Minnesota being suprisingly good so far).

The only team I see really challenging them is Seattle, and they actually play each other this weekend. That game, along with the middle of their schedule will be a great test.

Like all the other NFC teams, the Bears would be .500 (at best) in the AFC.

3. j-dub - September 25, 2006

Indy, Chicago, Cincy, Carolina, and Denver all won on Sunday.
NO wins on MNF, which makes me 3-3 on the week.

4. j-dub - September 25, 2006

Looks like the Bears will catch another break, Shaun Alexander is out for the next few weeks with a broken foot.

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