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This pisses me off…. September 26, 2006

Posted by j-dub in National, Politics.

read this and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

And this quote, from Sen. Arlen Specter,  makes me sick to my stomach:

My instinct is once the (November) election is over there will be a lot more hard thinking about what to do about Iraq and a lot more candid observations about it.

I have family in the service.  Family which served a tour of duty in the first Iraq war, and fortunately has not had to go this time.  I’d want to personally BLAST ANY congressman who puts a f%&*ing election before our troops.  There are all sorts of political types who want to paint those anti-war folks as anti-american.  Sure, some may fit that mold, but by and large all Americans wans our troops to come home SAFE.  Forget the anti-war folks, I have a bigger problem with a congressperson waiting until after an election to get serious about troop safety, withdrawal, etc.  The troops should never be used as a political tool.

What have U.S. politics come to?  Personally, if Specter’s comments are true (Sadly, I think they are), to the most disgraceful level I can recall.  I’m not calling out a specific party either, because they are ALL to blame.

I cringe every time I read a story like this one.  The problem is, I’ve been reading an awful lot of them lately.

I’m not advocating a quick withdrawal of military from Iraq.  That would be foolish.  And, honestly, I actually supported going into Iraq in the first place and voted to re-elect Bush in 2004.

My problem is the lack of initial planning which has hampered this war.  I think its clear that we had little to no strategy on setting up a government, and the rebuilding of the country.  I think we clearly underestimated the efforts needed and unfortunately our troops are paying the price now.



1. Anonymous - September 26, 2006

First you must consider who Specter is. He is a mixed bag of liberal and conservative views and earned himself the label RINO because of the Supreme Court appointments and is very hard to read. Arlen Specter has become increasingly critical of Bush and those that called him a RINO some time ago are having their worst fears realized. I think what he may have been alluding to in the article is there will be a change in opinion after November – read he expects a Democratic takeover. Should that happen expect him to begin siding with Democrats on pulling the plug on Afghanistan and Iraq and impeachment. I seriously doubt there will be such a huge shift and when the takeover doesn’t materialize the issue then will be for Specter is ‘what do I do now?’. He is, sadly, not above playing politics and should be more appropriately described as an Independent.

2. j-dub - September 28, 2006

I’m not concerned with Specter. I’m concerned about the troops. He can say what he wants when he wants. The point is, if he’s even close to accurate, I’m ashamed of our Congress.

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