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Lou Piniella… October 16, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Pro Baseball, Sports.

is the new manager of the Cubbies!

I’m pretty surprised by this move. I thought for sure they were going to jump all over Joe Girardi.

I wasn’t a huge Joe Girardi fan (or a fan of Sweet Lou), and I’m not sure the manager is the problem in Chicago.

The Cubs just don’t have a lot of great players, and you can’t win with minimal talent. They need to quit relying on Prior and Wood and they’ll be much better off. I’ll predict right now, that Aramis Ramirez will be traded by the All-Star Break, because Lou won’t put up with his laziness. Also, I think Jim Hendry is the most overrated GM in the game. He’s fleeced the Pirates on two occassions and other than that he’s made very few moves worth noting.
Feel free to drop your opinions on this new hire by the Cubbies…



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2. j-dub - October 18, 2006

Also, I think all the A-Rod to the Cubs talk is just that….TALK.

Even Lou himself said so today.

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