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Election Day: Predictions November 7, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Local, Politics.

Today is Election Day, so get out there and “rock the vote”!

Seriously, make your vote count and get to the polls sometime today.  The polls are open from 6AM to 7PM.   Go to the Champaign County Clerk website to check your voter registration status and locate your polling place.

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that each week I do the football pick ’ems.

Today, just call this my E-Day pick ’ems.  And my predictions are….

Governor:  Rod Blagojevich – Democrat
Attorney General: Lisa Madigan – Democrat
Secretary of State: Jesse White – Democrat

Comptroller: Dan Hynes – Democrat

Treasurer: Alexander Giannoulias – Democrat
Rep. in Congress – 15th District: Tim Johnson – Republican
52nd Legislative District: Judy Myers – Republican (Frerichs wins Champaign County, but not by enough)

55th Legislative District: Dale Righter – Republican (uncontested)

Rep. 103rd District: Naomi Jakobsson – Democrat
Rep. 104th District: Bill Black – Republican (uncontested)

Rep. 105th District: Shane Cultra – Republican (uncontested)

Rep. 110th District: Chapin Rose Republican (uncontested)

County Clerk: Mark Shelden – Republican

County Sheriff: Dan Walsh – Republican (uncontested)

County Treasurer: Dan Welch – Republican (uncontested)

County Board District 1: Chris Doenitz – Republican

County Board District 2: Stan James, Kevin Hunt – Republicans (uncontested)

County Board District 3: Brad Jones, Jonathan Schroeder – Republicans

County Board District 4: Steve Moser, Greg Knott – Republican

County Board District 5: Lorraine Cowart – Democrat

County Board District 6: Tony Fabri, Matthew Gladney – Democrats

County Board District 7: Mark Randall – Republican
County Board District 8: Thomas Betz, Ralph Langenheim – Democrats

County Board District 9: John Farney – Republican, Barb Wysocki – Democrat

Overall, nothing too surprising.  Overall, a not-so-exciting election, if you’re looking for really close races.

Feel free to disagree/agree, or chime in with your predictions on this Election Day…



1. TrotskyRocks! - November 8, 2006

Looks like Frerichs won, but not by much. Joe Parnarauskis got about 4% of the vote…not really bad for such a young party. Here’s what he said after the results came in:

“I think our showing in this race really demonstrates that we’ve built a lot of support out there. We’re looking forward to continuing to build and to participating in the next election. We’re going to be working very hard over the next two years to increase awareness and support of our platform.”

2. j-dub - November 9, 2006

Yeah, a nice showing by Joe Pa.

I think Judy Myers is the biggest disappointment of the election season in this area. Her vermilion numbers weren’t nearly what they expected/anticipated. Combine that with Joe’s 4%, which most would say hurt Frerichs’ totals, and you’d have to say Judy was a flop…and that surprised me.

Farney also surprised me. I thought he would have put up a good fight if he were to lose, but he got smoked.

Maybe if there was more/any evidence to implicated B/W on the Nursing Home, then he might have stood a better chance. The nursing home was the only issue he pushed heavily (big mistake), and I believe most voters (myself included) probably didn’t have enough factual evidence of wrong doing by CB members to change anything in CB district 9.

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