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2006-2007 College Football – Week 11 November 9, 2006

Posted by j-dub in College Football, Sports.

Week 11 looks to be a very good weekend for college football.  The most interesting game could be the one played tonight.  That game features #3 Louisville at #15 Rutgers.

Here are the games I’m picking:

#3 Louisville at #15 Rutgers
#16 Wisconsin at Iowa
Purdue at Illinois
#1 Ohio State at Northwestern
#2 Michigan at Indiana
South Carolina at #6 Florida
#8 California at Arizona
Miami (FL) at #23 Maryland
Nebraska at #24 Texas A&M
#9 Notre Dame at Air Force
#13 Tennessee at #11 Arkansas
Texas Tech at #17 Oklahoma
Alabama at #12 LSU
#4 Texas at Kansas State
#18 Wake Forest at Florida State
#21 Oregon at #7 USC

My Picks:

Rutgers, Wisconsin, Illinois, OSU, Michigan, Florida, California, Miami (FL), Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Arkansas, Oklahoma, LSU, Texas, Florida State, and USC.

Upset Alert: Louisville – Rutgers is playing excellent bal, and I think they get it done at home.



1. j-dub - November 11, 2006

Well, the Rutgers/Louisvillle game is going to be hard to top today, but a lot of other really good games to watch.

I’m seriously contemplating my Florida/SC pick. I might change that one before kickoff. The Gators have been a play away from winning or losing all year. Their luck has to run out sooner or later.

2. j-dub - November 11, 2006

South Carolina at #6 Florida

South Carolina instead of Florida

I must be buying into all the Spurrier hype on TV this morning. Actually, I’ve been unimpressed with the Gators most of the season and today they’ll finally lose a close game.

3. j-dub - November 13, 2006

Rutgers, Wisconsin, Purdue, Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, Arizona, Maryland, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Arkansas, Oklahoma, LSU, Kansas State, Wake Forest, and USC were all winners this week.

9-7 this week. Thanks to all the ranked teams (Cal, Texas, A&M) for pulling up lame.

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