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2006-2007 College Football – Week 12 November 17, 2006

Posted by j-dub in College Football, Sports.

After last week’s BCS Shake-Up, this week brings up two pivotal games.  Those two games are Michigan at Ohio State, and Cal at USC.  Both games have major national title implications.  The Michigan/OSU game comes a day after Bo Schembechler, the Michigan/College Football coaching legend, passes away.  See the ESPN story here.

Games I’m pickin’:

#21 Maryland at #20 Boston College
Illinois at Northwestern
#5 Arkansas at Mississippi State
Army at #6 Notre Dame
#2 Michigan at #1 Ohio State
#15 Auburn at Alabama
#19 Virginia Tech at #14 Wake Forest
#17 California at #4 USC

My Picks:

Maryland, Illinois, Arkansas, Notre Dame, Michigan, Auburn, Virginia Tech, and USC.

Upset Alert: USC – Cal will be gunning for USC, but now that Cal’s title hopes are toast; USC will pull this one out.  I’d like to pick Miss. St. in an upset, but they are pretty bad.  I think Arkansas is ripe for an upset after beating Tennessee and having to play LSU next week.  This week is a definite trap game, but I don’t think Miss. St. has enough to pull it off.



1. j-dub - November 19, 2006

BC, Northwestern, Arkansas, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Auburn, Virginia Tech, and USC were winners this week.

5-3 on the week.

2. j-dub - November 19, 2006

Well, I’m disappointed that the Illini couldn’t improve their win total this season. However, I’m sure impressed with the overall improvement of the team. Last year they were in maybe 3-4 games, 2 in which they won. This year, they were in every single game except 2-3. Most games coming down the last posession and a chance to win or tie.

I’ll make a final end of season post dedicated to my thoughts on the Illini.

3. j-dub - November 19, 2006

Also, Rutgers undefeated season came to end this saturday. They got spanked by Cincinnati. Yep, that’s right, the mighty Big East conference (sarcasm alert!) has no unbeaten teams left.

Seriously, if either of the three 9-1 Big East teams played in a power conference they’d be .500. You saw what happened to the East teams once they got in the lime light. They choked.

The power conference teams are always playing big games, not just once or twice a season.

I’ll have more on that deal in my end of the regular season roundup post here in a few weeks.

4. j-dub - November 19, 2006

Michigan is still #2 in the BCS rankings despite losing a close game to OSU. USC should be able to overtake the Wolverines if they win their next two games.

USC is in the driver’s seat, but if they lose to Notre Dame, anything is possible. My guess is Notre Dame would be in if they beat USC.

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