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2006-2007 NFL – Week 11 November 19, 2006

Posted by j-dub in Pro Football, Sports.

Games I’m picking this week:

St. Louis at Carolina
Cincinnati at New Orleans
Chicago at NY Jets
New England at Green Bay
Atlanta at Baltimore
Indianapolis at Dallas
San Diego at Denver

Monday Night Football:

NY Giants at Jacksonville

My Picks:

Carolina, New Orleans, Chicago, New England, Baltimore, Indianapolis, San Diego, and NY Giants

Well, after calling the Bears out last week, they made me pay. This week, I’ll pick em’. A couple of really good showdowns this week with Indy/Dallas, SD/Denver, and Atl/Baltimore. Should be a good week of NFL action.



1. j-dub - November 20, 2006

Carolina, Cincy, Chicago, New England, Baltimore, Dallas, and San Diego are Sunday’s Finest.

Now we wait for MNF’s winner.

2. j-dub - November 20, 2006

It’s a shame the Colts run game is such a non-factor, but what is even worse is their run defense. They’ll never win a title with this defense, and the last several champs are evidence of that.

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