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2006-2007 College Football – Week 13 November 24, 2006

Posted by j-dub in College Football, Sports.

We are coming down to the wire in the College Football season.

This week should be the week which determines who will play Ohio State in the National Championship. If USC beats Notre Dame, and wins next week against UCLA; they’re in. They lose, they’re out, and it’s anybody’s guess who will be in; probably Michigan or Florida (if they win out).

Arkansas, Texas, and Boston College were all upset Friday. Arkansas lost to LSU, Texas lost to Texas A & M, and BC lost to Miami. Miami then proceeded to fire Larry Coker after a 6-6 season.

Games I’m picking this week:

#4 Florida at Florida State
Virginia at #17 Virginia Tech
South Carolina at #24 Clemson
#13 Oklahoma at Oklahoma State
#8 Louisville at Pittsburgh
#16 Georgia Tech at Georgia
#6 Notre Dame at #3 USC

My Picks:

Florida State, VT, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Louisville, Georgia, and USC

Upset Alert: Florida – in a rivalry game anything goes, and I’m picking the Seminoles. In case you can’t tell, I don’t care for Florida or Urban Meyer. I think they are the most overrated team in college football, and Meyer is the most overrated coach in college football.



1. extrapolater - November 24, 2006

Man, does Wannstedt ever suck! He seemed overmatched in the pros, but to fail so miserably at Pitt as well, that just tells me he’s not head coaching material…..

2. j-dub - November 24, 2006

Yeah, I’m not sure how Dave keeps his job; evidently he’s a super nice guy.

3. J - November 25, 2006

The pigs will get Urban.

4. j-dub - November 25, 2006

Agreed. Arkansas is too physical up front, they run well, and defend well.

5. Gervasio - November 27, 2006

Ohio State v. USC (National Championship)
Michigan v. Florida
LSU v. Notre Dame
Rutgers v. Boise State
Auburn v. Wisconsin

**assign bowls accordingly

6. j-dub - November 27, 2006


nice picks. I’d agree with those bowls. If I were to change them, I might put Arkansas and Louisville in the mix somewhere. Louisville in place of Notre Dame, and Arkansas in place of either Rutgers or Auburn.

7. J - November 27, 2006

Gervasio – I’d like to see LSU-Michigan. If the Tigers showed up, they’d have an outside chance to win. Florida-Notre Dame should be competitive as well. Cheers!

8. Gervasio - November 27, 2006

i just checked cbs sportsline.com’s projected bcs games, they have Wake Forest against Louisville in the orange bowl. Maybe someone can enlighten me on how Wake deserves a bcs game… I know that ACC champ hosts it, but c’mon. This would basically prove that the bcs is crap. I don’t disagree with Wake getting a shot, but there’s alot of other teams I’d rather see play.

9. j-dub - November 27, 2006

I think LSU is a legit top 5 team that can beat anyone. They’ve lost to Auburn (7-3) and Florida (23-10). They beat Tennessee and Arkansas on the road. The Auburn and Florida games were also on the road. Talk about a tough schedule. Also, all four of those opponents were ranked 8th or higher when the Tigers played them.

Wake and the ACC are a joke this year, and you are right; there are lots of other teams who should get a shot.

10. J - November 28, 2006

j-dub – I agree about LSU, to a point. I think they’d match up extremely well against Ohio State. The Buckeyes have better recievers. And they have a great coach. I look for the Miles era in Baton Rouge to be short-lived. That he hasn’t done more with the embrassament of riches left by Saban is telling.

11. j-dub - November 28, 2006

You have a point about Miles. Saban left him loaded with talent. Talent good enough to win last year and this year in the best conference in the nation.

Since 2004 LSU has lost 7 games. 6 losses against conference teams, 4 of those 7 losses were on the road in the SEC, only 3 of the losses were by more than 7 pts, and every loss of the 7 was against a team ranked no worse than 15th in the Country.

I’d say that is pretty impressive, even despite what Saban left him.

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