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2006-2007 College Football – Week 14 December 2, 2006

Posted by j-dub in College Football, Sports.

An abbreviated post on my picks this week:

Georgia Tech, USC, Arkansas, Rutgers and Oklahoma will be winners today



1. University Update - December 2, 2006

2006-2007 College Football – Week 14

2. j-dub - December 2, 2006

Wake Forest and UCLA win the early matchups.

USC will not be playing for a national title with their loss today.

Good! I can’t stand USC!!! As a result, we could see a rematch of OSU-Michigan for the national title. Two big ten schools duking it out for all the marbles.

3. boycotthebowls - December 2, 2006

let’s face it… the college bowl system has turned into a total bore!!!
without a playoff system college football lacks interest and is in need
of a dire overhaul. please join the cause to boycott the bowls and reform the entire system. look how enjoyable march madness is for
everyone…. this one’s a no brainer!!!! BAG the BCS!!!!

4. j-dub - December 2, 2006

I agree. The BCS is dollar-driven and nothing else. I’d love to have a playoff.

Look at this year. Florida and Michigan will both have one loss playing in the two best conferences in football and one of the two will get left out of the mix. Florida who has been one play away from losing every game but 2 or 3 they’ve played could possibly jump Michigan who lost to OSU by 3pts. Florida clearly has a tougher schedule, but are they really a better team than Michigan? Should Michigan get penalized because they’ve already played OSU?

The system is a joke. They should settle it on the field. No question about it.

5. j-dub - December 2, 2006

I won’t dismiss the bowl games. I think they serve a great tradition in college sports. However, they can turn the bowl games into bowl games/playoff games and keep everyone happy.

Here is the scenario:

– Take the top 8 teams in the rankings after the regular season.
– Play the 4 bowl games (comparable to what are now the BCS games) as you normally would.
– Those winners play another week to get down to 2 teams (this would be comparable to the 5th BCS bowl game).
– The final two teams play for the title.

You add 1-2 weeks to the year, depending on how you look at it. There is still HUGE money generated by the bowl games for the schools, sponsors, etc. The championship is settle on the field like it should be.

6. j-dub - December 3, 2006

Florida, West Virgina (in triple OT), and Oklahoma are winners in the late games.

I guess I have to quit hating on the Gators. 4 Hog turnovers won the game for Florida. I’m sure Urban Meyer is glad his defense is playing phenomenal, because if not for his defense, his offensive genius would be in serious jeopardy since he took over at Florida.

His defense and special teams have bailed him out every game this year. This coming from a guy who was dubbed “an offensive genius” while at Utah. It’s amazing how “genius” you look when you start playing against REAL talent in the SEC.

I’m sad to see Rutgers lose. They are probably the hardest playing team in the country, hands down. I’d love to see Greg Schiano (Rutger’s coach) with a powerhouse program.

7. boycotthebowls - December 3, 2006

i couldn’t agree more my friend. i am by no means dismissing the bowl games themselves. i am only petitioning for change in the system. as you have said, some sort of playoff system would be ideal. in my opinion the ideal playoff would include 24 teams with the top 8 seeded teams getting by’s the first week. the tournament would begin in the beginning of dec and would have the final on january 1. so, if you can support me in boycotting at least one bowl game, welcome to the cause.

8. j-dub - December 4, 2006

Well, I’ve selected the bowl I’m going to boycott….
Check out my new site…I’ve posted my selection there.

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10. atv plow - May 31, 2007

atv plow

ka-ka-sh-ka 1668312 The best of atv plow.

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