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BLOG MOVED!!! December 13, 2006

Posted by j-dub in General.

j-dub’s universe is now completely on the new server.

Go to www.jdub217.com to check out the new site and permanent home for all future content.

Please be sure to update your bookmarks, feed links, etc.

The new site also has feed links for you feedreaders out there.


jdub217.com :: blog update December 1, 2006

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The blog has been moved again. The blog has a permanent home now at http://forum.jdub217.com

Also, the main site is back up and going again. I’m still playing with some content/layout stuff, but it is back operational.

Let me know if you have any problems.

Here is a link to my latest blog post. (HINT: It’s about Illinois basketball)

New Site :: Upgrades Already… November 30, 2006

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Well, I’m introducing another wrinkle to the site already.  This will make the website more fully functional and allow for a more comprehensive solution.

Please bear with me.  I will hopefully have these latest upgrades completed over the weekend.

Please check in frequently to get the latest update!

New Site Critique :: Your Feedback November 29, 2006

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Well, I’ve been using the new site for a week so far.  I know this a slow time of year, but I’m hoping all my wonderful readers have at least checked the new site out.

For those of you who have done so…Please tell me what you think.  For those of you who haven’t, scoot on over to www.jdub217.com and check it out.

Here are some questions to help guide your critique: 

  • Do you like the fact that the site is now hosted on its own domain?
  • Do you like the new format of a bulletin board/message board better than the blog format?  If not, what type of format would you like to see (wordpress, blogger, etc)?  Or more specifically, exactly which system would you like to see used?
  • How does the site appear visually?  Do you like the colors, fonts, font size, etc?  If not, what improvements could be made to those aspects of the site?
  • What else could be improved and/or changed to help make the site a more welcome place for participation?

Please be as critical as you want.  I’m a big person and I can take it.  The only way to make this a better site is to provide feedback.  Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

www.jdub217.com :: Site Feeds November 28, 2006

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I’ve got feeds up on the new site.

Go here to check out the post with the feed links in it.

Movin’ on up…. November 26, 2006

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As I sing this tune from the Jeffersons, I’m really just indicating that I’ve got most of the work done on my NEW universe.

Click here to check it out….

Or copy and paste this:


into your address bar.

I’m keeping this space up for awhile before I completely move to my NEW home.

Let me know what you think…

UPDATE: Please read the Adminstrative board for the quick rundown on the new space. 

Black Friday November 24, 2006

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This is the busiest shopping day of the year, and if you were one of the brave souls out shopping early this morning; tell your war stories here.  Or brag about the great deals you were rewarded with for being an early bird.

Some of the brave female members of my family were out, and their descriptions of the situations were absolutely hilarious.

The only way I would have been out that early would be to get a deal high-definition TV.  However, I could have gotten those online on Thanksgiving day and beat the lines.

Feel free to detail your Black Friday shopping adventures here.

Give Thanks… November 23, 2006

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…for everything in your life that you are thankful for.

Remember what this day is all about, and enjoy the fact that we live in the greatest country in the world and have the freedom to do as we please.

My Pigskin Picks for Turkey Day:

Dallas and San Diego, I missed the start of the Miami/Detroit game so I didn’t pick that one.

Site Changes November 21, 2006

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I’m going to be changing the format of the site over the holiday weekend.  I’ll release more details here about the changes.

Also, I’ve had a domain name reserved for the site, and if everything goes okay, I’ll transition over to the new domain as well.


What can I do…. November 17, 2006

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…to make this blog better?

Change the template?  Make it easier to comment? Moreauthors/posters?

Please enlighten me to make this blog a better experience.  Your feedback is extremely important!

Open Thread November 15, 2006

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You talk about something today…

Open Thread October 30, 2006

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You choose a topic today….  🙂

Open Thread October 13, 2006

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Open Mic Friday….

Open Thread October 11, 2006

Posted by j-dub in General.

In case you can’t think of anything….

Baseball playoffs, County Board, Cubs new managerial prospects, etc

Cell Phone Ban October 5, 2006

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I’m sure you’ve read/heard about this story, but if you haven’t, here is a link.

Illinipundit author, Joan Dykstra, has also posted about this recently.

Urbana Alderman Charlie Smyth is going to propose a cell phone ban for drivers in Urbana. Basically, this is in response to Matt Wilhem’s tragic death in early September.

Let me say this. I understand Mr. Smyth’s concern, and it is a legitimate one. So are eating, reading, talking, singing, and a 100 other things while you are driving. Are we going to police them all? Who’s going to enforce the ban(s)? What’s the casualty rate for every minute of cell-phone usage on the road? Where does all of this stop?

I’m sure millions of people talk on their cell phones while driving each day, and probably for hundreds of millions of minutes each day. I would find it hard to believe that the casualty rates are staggering. Mr. Smyth compares cell phone usage to drunk driving, and while they are similar in that they both delay reactions times, etc; I don’t think that’s a fair or equal comparison.

I commend Smyth’s attempt at being somewhat pro-active, yet reactive at the same time. His son went to High School with Mr. Wilhelm.

Here is some potential language listed in the N-G article:

It would include only limited exceptions, such as for on-duty police officers acting in official capacity when no other means of communications is available; when using a telephone to call 911 in an emergency; and when a vehicle is parked and not in gear.

Use for an emergency makes sense, but once again, how do the police know you are on an emergency phone call? Will they pull you over and ask? If you are it’s okay, and if not you just lie and then he has to prove it in court? Or you are honest and get a ticket. I just don’t see how it will work.

The fine for violating the ordinance would be $75, but if a violation also occurs with a traffic accident, the fine could increase to as much as $200.

Smyth is not proposing to allow hands-free cell phones, as in Chicago, where drivers are otherwise banned from cell phone use.

Personally, I have a hands-free device, and I know I’m less distracted when using it versus holding a phone to my ear. I know there are studies which say you are still distracted, but I’m also distracted when I talk to a passenger in my car. That’s essentially what a hands-free device is like, talking freely while driving.

My favorite quote from the article:

Alderwoman Heather Stevenson, R-Ward 6, had this to say:

“It’s just one more form of nanny government is what it seems like to me,” she said. “I don’t know where it’s going to end.

My sentiments exactly…

Open Thread October 3, 2006

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The Gubernatorial Debates…

The MLB playoffs…

Etc, Etc, Etc…..

You pick the topic today.

Open Thread September 28, 2006

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Consider this an “open mic” of sorts….

Sorry for the lack of posting this week.  Life can be crazy for given stretches of time, and that’s my lame excuse.

Open Thread August 30, 2006

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Is this like the coldest 2-3 days we’ve ever had in August or what?

Open thread, so you can enlighten me….

Open Thread August 21, 2006

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Open Thread Monday…..again. I really dislike Mondays…especially when it’s so beautiful outside and I’m stuck at work.


Here are a few interesting links I’ve found today…

Joe Rosenthal Passes Away (he took the famous Iwo Jima photo from WWII)

Big Little Leaguer (talk about an oxymoron, this kid is HUGE!)

Spike Lee’s Katrina Documentary will be worth checking out…

Open Thread August 18, 2006

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Rain, rain, go away…….