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Illinois vs. Arizona December 2, 2006

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Illinois is ahead by 3 with a little over 15 minutes to go. That in itself is surprising enough, considering the game is in Arizona, the Illini are without Brian Randle, and to this point in the game Arizona has 6 fouls, Illinois 19 fouls. That’s an amazing discrepancy in fouls called.

Hopefully the Illini can pull this one out.


Illini 51 Miami (OH) 49 November 24, 2006

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The Illini escape with a win while playing without Jamar Smith and Brian Randle.  You know it’s been a bad game when the coach says “I don’t think we deserved to win”, which is exactly what Weber said after the game.

In a game, dubbed as a “meat grinder” by the commentators, the Illini trailed all game; yet pulled out the victory.  Carter makes his first basket with less than a minute in the game and Fraser makes a tough left handed layup in traffic to seal the deal.  Fraser is tough player and is just a sophomore.  And boy is McBride terrible off the dribble.  I’ve never seen someone so one-dimensional on the Illini in a very long time.  He’s catch and shoot and that’s about it.

Oh well, they pulled off the win.  Their next two games are against ranked foes, and hopefully they’ll bring their A game.  The 28th they play #24 Maryland and on Dec 2nd they play at #15 Arizona.  These are what I’d call “statement games” for the Illini.  Even if Randle and Smith are still out, which I think they will be, the Illini have to show something in these two games.

College Basketball: Preseason Rankings October 28, 2006

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Here is a link to the USA Today/ESPN coaches poll:
Our beloved Illini are not in the top 25.   See my previous post about the Illini to get the latest.

On another note, I almost gagged to death when I saw Bruce Pearl on the ESPN College Basketball homepage.  The article was about Pearl’s personality.  If you’d like to read it, go here. 

Post your thoughts about the upcoming college basketball season.

Illini Basketball October 19, 2006

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Here’s an ESPN insider preview on the Illini squad for this year:


Sounds like a lot of “ifs”, “maybes”, and “coulds” at this point; not surprisingly however. I really don’t like the sound of “point guard by committee”, even though it is listed as a temporary setup for the start of the season. Another peculiar moment comes when Weber talks about Warren Carter as the “x-factor” this year….yikes! Nothing against Warren, but he’s a “tweener”. Too small to play forward, and he’s definetely not a guard. Also, it sounded like a lot could hinge on McBride who has punishment coming in some shape or form for his DUI.

Overall, I think the Illini will just be okay this year. Hopefully Jamar Smith will light it up and we can stay near the top of the Big Ten. Weber better start recruiting, with coaches like Sampson and Matta competing in this conference; his work is cut out for him.

Here are my preseason predictions: I’m guessing we finish 3rd in the Big Ten, make the Big Dance as a 6 seed, and are out in Round 2.

What are your thoughts, predictions, etc?

Illinios Basketball: Indiana/Illinois Rivalry Soon to Heat Up? July 13, 2006

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Well, this should stir the pot up in the Indiana/Illinois rivalry.

Read this story about the Illini’s prize recruit for the 2007 class.

Here’s a scary quote or two for us UI fans:

“Nothing about a oral commitment”, Gordon Sr. said, “is official.”…..

Now it is Illinois and Weber doing the worrying, even if Eric Gordon Sr. insisted they have no reason.

“He made his verbal commitment to Illinois and has not said otherwise,” Gordon said of his son. “[But] they have a new coaching staff at Indiana, and being a native Hoosier, we’re listening to a college coach who is saying I am very interested. We don’t have any hidden agendas.”

I always thought Sampson was overrated at Oklahoma and I never really liked the guy.

Now, I have even more reason to despise him and his nefarious recruiting practices. Not to mention the fact that he’s already had NCAA violations on his record from his Oklahoma days. At least he begins his Indiana tenure right where he left off at OU…being a slime ball.

Here’s to drubbing Indiana by about 30 this year….hopefully twice.