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2006-2007 NFL – Week 13 December 3, 2006

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Go to the new site (www.jdub217.com) to see my Week 13 picks.


2006-2007 NFL – Week 12 November 26, 2006

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Week 12 brings us the biggest challenge to date for the Chicago Bears. They face the Patriots of New England in Foxboro where the Patriots actually have a losing record this year (2-3). Which is unusual considering the Pats have been one of the best home teams in the league the past few years.

This is a HUGE test for Grossman. If he can “halfway” handle a bluffing, blitzing, and scheming Belichick defense; that bodes well for the Bears. If not, he can expect to encounter similar scenarios the rest of the season until he figures it out.

Here are the games I’m picking:

Pittsburgh at Baltimore
New Orleans at Atlanta
San Francisco at St. Louis
Chicago at New England
Philadelphia at Indianapolis

Monday Night Football:

Green Bay at Seattle

My Picks:

Baltimore, New Orleans, San Francisco, New England, Indianapolis, and Seattle

If the Pats can confuse Peyton Manning, they’ll confuse Grossman into a few mistakes. The Pats offense will dink and dunk the Bears defense into a few touchdowns, and the Pats D will hold on. I’m thinking 17-7 New England.

2006-2007 NFL – Week 11 November 19, 2006

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Games I’m picking this week:

St. Louis at Carolina
Cincinnati at New Orleans
Chicago at NY Jets
New England at Green Bay
Atlanta at Baltimore
Indianapolis at Dallas
San Diego at Denver

Monday Night Football:

NY Giants at Jacksonville

My Picks:

Carolina, New Orleans, Chicago, New England, Baltimore, Indianapolis, San Diego, and NY Giants

Well, after calling the Bears out last week, they made me pay. This week, I’ll pick em’. A couple of really good showdowns this week with Indy/Dallas, SD/Denver, and Atl/Baltimore. Should be a good week of NFL action.

Monday Night Football November 13, 2006

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Does MNF even interest anybody these days?

I don’t think so.  I’m not sure if the ratings agree with me, but I think they might.

The network doesn’t matter, the broadcast team doesn’t matter, and I’m beginning to wonder if the teams playing the game even matter.

They switched things from ABC to ESPN this year, and I can honestly say I haven’t watched a complete MNF game so far this season.  Most of the games have sucked, but hopefully with the flex schedule coming up, they’ll get better.

Here are my possible reasons for the lack of interest:

  • The start time is too late – an 8PM start time in the midwest is way too late for a 3 hour football game.  This is obviously geared towards the eastern time zones, and that is a shame.
  • Football overload – Yes, I believe there is so much emphasis on College Football Saturday and NFL Sunday that Monday people want a break from football.
  • ESPN – Why stay up past your bedtime for a usually non-interesting, non-meaningful game when you can watch the 1 minute worth of highlights the next morning?

Why do you think MNF is such a non-factor these days?

2006-2007 NFL – Week 8 October 29, 2006

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Games I’m picking this week:

San Francisco at Chicago
Atlanta at Cincinnati
Seattle at Kansas City
Baltimore at New Orleans
Jacksonville at Philadelphia
St. Louis at San Diego
Indianapolis at Denver
Dallas at Carolina
Monday Night Football

New England at Minnesota

My Picks:

Chicago, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Carolina,  and New England

2006-2007 NFL – Week 7 October 22, 2006

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Games I’m picking:

Carolina at Cincinnati
Pittsburgh at Atlanta
Washington at Indianapolis
Minnesota at Seattle
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay
Monday Night Football:

NY Giants at Dallas

My picks:

Carolina, Pittsburgh, Indianoplis, Seattle, Philly, and the NY Giants

2006-2007 NFL – Week 6 October 16, 2006

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Another MNF only week.

Monday Night Football:

Bears at Cardinals

My Pick:

Da Bears by at least 2 TDs.

2006-2007 NFL – Week 5 October 8, 2006

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Sorry, I got consumed with around the house chores on this beautiful sunday; probably the last good one of the year.

I’ll only be picking the monday night game.

Monday Night Football:

Ravens vs. Broncos

I’m taking the Ravens in this one.

2006-2007 NFL – Week 4 October 1, 2006

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Three really good games this week, the rest are okay.

Here what I’m picking:

San Diego at Baltimore
New England at Cincinnati
Seattle at Chicago
Indianapolis at NY Jets
Jacksonville at Washington

Monday Night Football:

Green Bay at Philadelphia

My picks:

Baltimore, Cincinnati, Seattle, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, and Philly

2006-2007 NFL – Week 3 September 24, 2006

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There are some very good divisional games this Sunday.

Games I’m picking:

Jacksonville at Indianapolis
Chicago at Minnesota
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
Carolina at Tampa Bay
Denver at New England

Monday Night Football:

Atlanta at New Orleans (First game in Superdome since Hurricane Katrina)

My Picks:

Jacksonville, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Carolina, Denver, and Atlanta

2006-2007 NFL – Week 2 September 17, 2006

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Some good divisional matchups this week.

Week 2 Games I’m Picking:

Buffalo at Miami
NY Giants at Philadelphia
Detroit at Chicago
Tampa Bay at Atlanta
Arizona at Seattle
STL at San Francisco
NE at NY Jets
KC at Denver
Washington at Dallas

Monday Night Footbal:

Pittsburgh at Jacksonville

My picks:

Miami, Philly, Chicago, Atlanta, Arizona, San Francisco, NE, Denver, Dallas, Jacksonville

Upset Alert:

Chicago – Detroit played well defensively against Seattle and if Kitna takes care of the ball; this could go down to the wire.

2006-2007 NFL – Week 1 September 10, 2006

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I don’t have as much enthusiasm for the start of the pro football season, as I do for college, but I can’t ignore the pro game either. I absolutely love the NFL, just not this early in the season. I’m preoccupied with the end of baseball and the beginning of college football.

Here’s the best of week 1 action. Week 1 actually started Thursday night with Pittsburgn vs Miami.

Bears at Packers (173rd meeting in this rivalry)
Colts vs Giants (Manning vs Manning)
Broncos vs Rams (debut of Ram’s new coach)
Cowboys vs Jaguars (TO’s Dallas debut)

Monday Night Football

Vikings vs Redskins
Raiders vs Chargers

My Picks:

Bears, Giants, Broncos, Cowboys, Vikings, Chargers

R-E-S-P-E-C-T August 9, 2006

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Well, to follow along with yesterdays football thread.

Our former Illini Simeon Rice is making noise in the media….again.

He’s back to his usual complaint, that he doesn’t get enough attention. Here’s the article.

Every time I hear this stuff, I want to tell him to shutup. However, he may have a point. If you look at his sack totals he has the second most of any current player, behind Michael Strahan. Simeon, if he stays healthy, could be a hall of fame player.

Here’s a few quotes:

“Right now, I’m in the likes of the great ones of this game. … It’s not by default, either. I worked for that,” Rice said.

“Cats around the league, I respect them. They’re great players, but they are not me. Year in and year out, Michael Strahan is a great player. There’s no disrespect to Mike. … I give him the ultimate, ultimate love. But he’s still not me.”

“I’m the best in the game. They don’t want to respect it. They don’t like it. … But I’m what Bruce Smith and Reggie White passed the torch to,” Rice said.

“At this point in my career, I don’t necessarily play for pats on my back. I play to cement things. I play to cement my name in this game forever. I play to help this team get to a Super Bowl. That’s what gets me going.”

While I don’t like all the ME talk, at least he’s still playing for a super bowl and representing the Illini well in the NFL.

There’s one thing I’ll never forgive Simeon for. It happened on MNF during the year they won the super bowl. You know how they have the starting lineups where each player says their name and their college. A cool feature of MNF, and most guys are excited to do it because they get to give some love to their college programs. The OSU guys always make me laugh when they say “THE Ohio State University”. Anyways, when it came to Simeon’s turn he says “Simeon Rice, School of Hard Knocks”. I was dumbfounded. The one time an Illini grad can represent the U of I on a professional/national level, and make us all proud; he says “School of Hard Knocks”.

Maybe, I’m being too hard on him, but it still urks me to this day.

Da 2006-2007 Bears August 4, 2006

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Training camps are in session, so you know what that means. Yep, it’s time to talk football.

The Bears are an interesting story for the upcoming season. Their defense is stacked with pro-bowlers and the Bears will easily be a top 3 team on defense in the NFC this year.

The questions for the Bears are on the other side of the ball. Offense, Offense, Offense. Last year, the Bears had none, none, none. Of course, that was with Kyle Horton at the helm and not Rex Grossman. Grossman is obviously the most talented option the Bears have at QB (even with Brian Griese as a backup), but Rex does have that gunslinger/Brett Favresque mentality. I don’t like that mentality for a Bears team that wins on defense. You need a QB who can manage the game, yet make the plays when it matters, ala Ben Roethlisberger.

Over at ESPN, they have a great article on the Bears.

Personally, I don’t like Muhammed, and he’s the only viable reciever they have. Not to mention the fact that they have ZERO talent at tight end. I really think their style would benefit greatly from a well-rounded TE (which I think they should have drafted this year). I think even if Grossman stays healthy they will only win 10 games this year (10-6, down one from last year), just by the looks of their schedule. Not a tough schedule, but I think of the following games: NE, Arizona, Seattle, NY Giants, Miami, and Tampa Bay there are 4 losses maybe 5 depending on how Miami and Arizona pan out. And, I just don’t see them sweeping all their division opponents either.

All that said, they’ll still get in the playoffs by winning the division. I think they make it to the NFC title game and then lose to their opponent (Panthers, Cowboys, or Giants). They’re a TO caliber receiver away from being a Super Bowl contender.

Here are my questions/concerns:

  1. Can Grossman stay healthy? Or is this guy the Kerry Wood of Chicago football?
  2. Does Rex Grossman’s style of play hurt the Bears?
  3. Do they have enough talent around Grossman, specifically wide-reciever and tightend, to make the passing game a weapon?
  4. Will the Cedric Benson/Thomas Jones situation hurt the team’s chances?
  5. Or do the Bears have the ultimate jinx, Ron Turner, keeping them from the promiseland?
  6. In your opinion, do the Bears make the playoffs?
  7. If so, how far do they advance?
  8. What do you think their biggest weakness/strength is?